Decluttering and preparing for a year of joy

 I KonMari-d my wardrobe today.

If you’ve spent any time on Pinterest recently (or the internet in general), you’ll most likely know exactly what I mean by that!  Marie Kondo is the author of a hugely popular book “The life changing magic of tidying up“, and her method for decluttering and tidying has become known as the KonMari method.

I won’t go into too much detail about it, as all my knowledge has been gleaned from various other blog posts written about the book and the method (I’ve pinned a few to my home and organising board if you want to check them out).
But the one key thing that stood out for me, and that really helped me cut a load of items from my wardrobe, was asking the question ‘does this spark joy?” as I picked up each item.

It’s such a simple question, but there is so much power in it’s simplicity!  

Before I would umm and ahh over items of clothing, convincing myself that I would wear them, or fit back into them, or that I should keep them because I spent a fair bit of money on them.

But this question, does this spark joy?  It sort of frees you from all that.

The dress I wore to a friend’s wedding that won’t do up any more (I swear my ribcage has expanded since having children!).  It has lovely memories attached to it, but it didn’t spark joy.

The zip up top that I loved to wear in uni, seems ‘so 2001’ with it’s adidas-esque stripes down the arms.  It sparked feelings of fondness, and nostalgia, but not joy.

The jeans that won’t.  quite.  do.  up.  Nope, no joy there!

So out they all went.  Some to be recycled, some to be sent to new homes.  And now, I really do feel joy when I look at the clothes that are left.

All of which has got me thinking.  Marie Kondo applies this principle to the physical clutter in our lives.  And I am very inspired to continue working my way through my home, discarding all sorts of things that just don’t spark joy any more.

But I’m also inspired to apply the principle to my life in general.

I’ve seen a few people sharing their ‘word for the year’ recently.  A word that represents what they want to focus on in the next 12 months.  And I’ve been wondering what I want my word to me.  I considered ‘balance’ and ‘focus’ but neither inspired me.

But ‘joy’?

That’s pretty inspiring.   A year built around things that spark joy?  Yes please!

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