Change the look of home with wall art

Quickly change the look of your home with wall art

I remember when I was a teenager, spending hours and hours sticking up posters and photos and postcards and random pictures cut out of magazine all over my bedroom walls.

Over the years as my tastes and interests changed the walls would get updated.

Posters of Boyzone, carefully torn from the pages of Live and Kicking magazine were replaced with the black and white picture of the topless man holding a baby (you know the one!).  And that in turn was replaced with the classic grand central station poster when I had a new bedroom to decorate at uni.

There was something about changing up the pictures and posters on the walls that gave the whole room a completely new look and feel.

And with all of us spending more time at home this year it’s not surprising that we’re feeling like we want to revamp things again now.  And buying new wall art is like the grown up equivalent of sticking up a new selection of boyband posters.


Picking out a few new pictures to hang on the walls is such a quick and easy way to completely change the look of your home, and there are so many options you can go for.

You could keep things completely personal in one space in your home and get a load of family photos printed.

I love the idea of a gallery wall going up the stairs, full of photos of different family members.  I remember my grandparents had a wall like this at one end of their bungalow and I used to love slowly walking along and seeing who I recognised from their childhood photos.


You can also completely change the look of your living room depending on the type of wall art you choose.

If you have a blue and white colour scheme you could pick out some fun beachy themed art prints that would fit in perfectly.  Depending on your tastes you could go for an anchor motif, a beachy slogan print or a peaceful seaside scene.

Or you could pick out a few statement pieces of abstract art instead for a completely different look.


The great thing about using wall art to revamp your home is that you can use it in pretty much every room of the house.

There’s often not much you can do in your kitchen to change up how it looks, without spending a fair bit of time and money replacing the units and worktops.  But picking out a few bits of wall art and getting some new accessories like vases to match can still make a big difference and create a new look.

You might not have as much wall space available in the kitchen for big posters and art prints, so smaller pieces of wooden wall art might be the best option.

Depending on the look you’re going for you could pick a few pieces with fun, kitchen-themed puns on them, a retro coffee shop style piece or a graphic print of kitchen utensils.


The best thing about using wall art to change the look of your home is that it can all be changed again whenever you fancy another change.

It’s so easy to take down a print you’re a bit tired of looking at and hang up something new and fresh instead.


Do you use wall art to change up the look of your home?  What do you have hanging on the walls at the moment?


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