Things I've been grateful for while feeling poorly

Can I just call in sick?

I’ve been feeling ill this week.  Which is nothing new really, I mean, I’m not sure I’ve actually felt ‘well’ at all this year, between coughs and colds and sleepless nights thanks to small children with coughs and colds and sleepless nights.

But this week, I’ve been feeling really quite ill.

I finally caved and went to the Doctor on Wednesday who said that my sore throat wasn’t tonsillitis (yay!) but it was pharyngitis caused by a virus, so there was nothing he could do to make it better (boo!).  His advice was just to keep dosing up on painkillers and get some rest.

To which I laughed, and asked if he could write me a sick paper from my kids, so that I could get some rest.

And I was only half joking.

I really wish some days that I could call in sick to being a parent.  When every part of you aches, and you can’t even swallow your morning coffee because your throat is so sore, it’s just really hard.  Because you don’t really have the option to just stay in bed and rest.

The children still need to be fed, and watered, and dressed, and taken to school.

So I’m really thankful for my in-laws who live close by and look after the children for me one day a week.  Knowing I had a day this week where I could get back into bed and try and give my body a chance to fight this bug has really helped.

Here are a few more things I’m thankful for while sick this week:


  • Tea.  And hot honey and lemon.  I have drunk a lot of both of these this week, and it’s been very comforting!


  • Painkillers.  I’m thankful for ibuprofen and paracetamol that have taken the edge off the pain this week enough to be able to eat and to generally keep going.


  • The NHS.  Whilst my doctor wasn’t able to do or give me anything to get rid of this virus, I am thankful that I was able to see a reliable GP when I needed to, who took time to listen to me, reassure me, and offer advice on what I could do to lesson my symptoms.


  • My children.  Bit of a contradiction here, seeing as I would like to call in sick from them, but they’ve been lovely this week.  To hear your 4 year old (and your 2 year old) say they’ll look after you is just so sweet.


  • My husband.  Knowing that he’ll be coming home from work and can pick up the slack for me when I’ve not been on top form is a huge relief.  I am very grateful to him.

How do you cope when you’re ill but still have to just get on with things and parent?  I’d love some tips for next time a bug hits!

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