Blogs I’ve loved this month – July 2017

A quick search back through my blog today revealed that I’ve not done a ‘blogs I’ve loved this month’ post since April.

All I can think is that I didn’t schedule the posts in my planner for May and June, so they slipped through the net.

Because I’ve most definitely read loads of blogs that I’ve loved in the last few months!

Here are just a few that I’ve enjoyed reading recently.  

Blogs I've loved this month

10 reasons baby number three is the best

This post from Confessions of a Crummy Mummy is a fab read.  It’s all about how different the parenting experience is the third time around, and is nice and reassuring for people like me who are still considering going for a third baby.

I know I’ve been more relaxed about things with Nerys than I was when Rhys was smaller, so I loved reading this post which basically talks about how you tend to just get even more relaxed with a third child!


12 cheap activities for the summer holidays

This is a really useful post from Tea or Wine for any parents out there wondering how on earth they’re going to keep their children entertained this summer without spending a fortune.

With ideas for sunny days and rainy days, out and about and at home, this post should help us all to stay calm and keep everyone happy during the holidays.


Words to live by – Focus on one thing at a time

This post has come along at just the right time for me, as a reminder that I really need to focus on one thing at a time to actually get things done!

I always love reading the ‘words to live by’ posts from Burnished Chaos, they’re always full of inspiring quotes and leave me feeling really positive.


5 things you can do today to achieve your goals

I loved this post from You Baby, Me Mummy all about the steps you need to take to set and then actually achieve your goals.

I just really like how Aby has broken the process down, and given examples all the way through to help put a plan in place to reach our goals.


6 tips for managing the summer holidays when you are a work at home mum

This post from Toby and Roo is a great read for any parents out there trying to juggle work at home while the children are off school for the summer.

My favourite tip is the last one, about planning ahead.  But not just planning work things, planning everything, including your evening meals so that you know you can fit everything in that needs to be done.


There seems to be a bit of a theme this month in the posts I’ve really enjoyed reading!

I hope you’ve found something in these posts that is helpful, either in keeping your children entertained this summer or in helping you to focus and get moving with your own personal goals.



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