Ace for colours winter refresh

Refresh your winter wardrobe with Ace for colours

Can you feel it?

That crisp chill in the air that means that autumn is well and truly here, and winter is on its way too.

The change in weather’s meant that we’ve had to start digging out our cosy winter clothes from the backs of drawers and cupboards.  And the stash of hats and scarves and gloves are coming out of their hiding place in the airing cupboard.

I absolutely love rediscovering my warm hoodies and jumpers at this time of year.  The problem is that after months of sitting unloved in my wardrobe they could always do with a bit of freshening up.


This autumn though, it’s not a problem at all.

I’ve been sent some Ace for colours to test out and I am so happy with how it’s breathed some life back into my favourite cold weather clothes.


Over the last few years I’ve started picking out clothes that are more colourful, after far too long living in blacks and greys.  And I really want them to stay vibrant and not start to fade over time.

It’s the same with my children’s clothes.  Nerys in particular has lots of bright pinks in her wardrobe and I want them to keep looking fresh and colourful.  With kids being kids she does get all sorts of stains and marks on her clothes so I have a feeling this box of Ace for colours will see a lot of action over the winter months.


I’ve been testing the product out over the last week and have been so impressed so far.

You can use it in 3 different ways and I’ve tried them all.

When you mix a spoonful of the powder with a few spoonfuls of water you can use it to pre-treat stains before washing.

I did this on some white school tops that had been marked with mud and strawberry juice.  What made me think that strawberries would be a good snack to take to school to eat while wearing a white top?!


I rubbed some of the mixture into the stains, left it for a few minutes and then popped the tops in the wash.

And I can honestly say I’m really impressed with the results.


You can also use Ace for colours to soak things that need a bit of love.

We have some blankets that we like to wrap up in on chilly mornings before school and they really did need a bit of love to be brought back to life for winter.  I soaked them in warm water and some Ace for colours and then washed them as normal and they have come up beautifully.

Nerys has had this particular blanket since she was born, and now she likes to lay it out on her bed as an extra layer to keep her really snug in the cold weather.

With Ace for colours I can wash it as often as it needs it, knowing that the colours will be protected and kept beautiful and bright.


I think the way to use Ace that I’ll use most often though will be just adding some to the wash.

You just pop a couple of spoonfuls into the machine drawer with your washing powder, then let it do its thing.


Ace for colours uses active oxygen to gently remove stains.

So it really cares for your clothes, keeping them looking great even when you have to wash them as often as you do when you have young children around.

It’s suitable to use on whites as well as colours, and what I love is that it helps to remove odours too.  So it is perfect to use to bring your winter wardrobe back to life when you bring things out again for the colder weather.

I also really love that it comes in a Tetra pak box that is fully recyclable instead of coming in a plastic bottle or tub.  It also works brilliantly at 30 which is a real plus for me.


With two school-age children in the house, and two adults, I relate far too much to that meme about the neverending story as an adult being the pile of washing that you can never get to the bottom of.

So I love any products that make the whole process easier and take the hassle out of getting our clothes clean.

My children come home from school with all sorts of things spilt over their clothing.  Some days its paint, some days its mud.  Some days its yoghurt when they didn’t even eat any yoghurt that day.

It does make me happy to see the signs of a day well spent learning and exploring at school all over their clothes.  But it does mean that the washing machine is on most days of the week to try and keep up.

I think I’ll get in the habit of adding a scoop of this Ace powder to my washes now though, because it really does help keep colours bright and clothes looking like new for longer.  And that makes me happy knowing I can get as much wear as possible out of my favourite winter clothes.


This post is an entry for the BritMums #ACEWinterRefresh Challenge, sponsored by ACE for Colours Powder.

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