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Last week I wrote a list of my happiness non-negotiables.   A list of things in our lives that we need in order to feel happy.  One of the things on my list was clear surfaces.

Oh I long for a house full of clear surfaces!

Unfortunately our house, while lovely, is just a little too small for the four of us and all our ‘stuff’.  So I have a feeling my surfaces will always be a little bit cluttered while we’re still here.

I’m working on chipping away at our clutter and clearing off at least some of the surfaces, but it’s a real work in progress.

In the meantime I’m starting to daydream about a new house, and a little space of my one.


I’m picturing a beautiful house, with a playroom for the kids and a separate living room that’s just for the grown ups – no toys allowed.  I’m imagining a home with 4 bedrooms; enough for the kids to have a room each and a spare room so that my family could come and stay with us.  And I’m dreaming of a den for my husband and an office space, just for me!

In this dream house, my office is tucked away in an attic room where I could get some peace and quiet, and have the best views in the house of the sea.  Well, I need inspiration!

Here’s what else my perfect home office would have:

  • A lovely big desk to work at, with plenty of space for a computer, various papers and a large mug of coffee.


  • A coffee machine, so I wouldn’t have to venture down to the kitchen when I needed a caffeine fix.  Seeing as we’re talking ‘dream office’ here I’m picturing a really fancy bean to cup machine to make serious coffee for serious work!


  • Speaking of coffee, I’d have a little collection of fun and pretty mugs just for my office.  Most likely with quotes from my favourite tv programmes on them!


  • A proper filing cabinet so that I could get all my paperwork in order and start to feel more organised.  And a bookshelf for more storage and maybe to put a few pretty things to brighten up the room.


  • A giant whiteboard!  Seriously, I would have a huge one on the wall so that I could scribble down all my ideas and plans where I could see them all the time.


  • On the same note, I’d have a big pinboard so that I could create a dream board to focus on all the other things I want to create in this life!


  • At one end of the room I’d have a super comfy sofa.  I know, I know this is meant to be my office, a place to go and get work done, but let’s get real, I’d need to take the odd break, to flick through a magazine (for inspiration of course!).


  • Actually, this is my little haven, so I would install a blackout blind from VELUX so I could curl up on my sofa and take a sneaky daytime nap now and then!


  • Big, framed photos of my family.  I’m picturing this office as being quite clean and white, with beautiful clear surfaces, but I don’t think I could work that well in a completely blank space.  I need some colour and life in there to get the creativity flowing.  So I would have big photos of my family on the walls to bring that joy to the room.


  • Some artwork or quote prints.  I wouldn’t quite go so far as to put up one of those motivational posters that you see in offices (like Barney has all over the walls in his office in How I met your mother), but some positive and fun quotes on the walls would be great to keep me inspired to work!

I’ve created a Pinterest board where I’m starting to pin all sorts of things that I would love to have in my dream office.  Go and check it out!  I’m hoping that it might act as virtual dream board for me and give me something to aim for!

Do you have a special place in your home that’s just for you, either to work in or just to escape to?  What would your dream space be like?

Disclosure – this post is sponsored by VELUX.


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