Stay active as a family this winter

5 ways to get active as a family this winter

In the winter months it can be so tempting to spend our evenings and weekends curled up warm at home.  If you have children though you’ll know how much they need to get out and about, to use their bodies and burn off some energy.

And really, we all know that we’ll feel better if we actually get up and get active instead of just hibernating.

If you’re not sure what to do together though, here are 5 ideas for activities you can try as a family this winter.


1. Get some wheels

One of the best ways to get out and active as a family is to go out for a bike ride.

Make sure everyone is kitted out with helmets and head out for a cycle together.  Here in Swansea there are some great places to go for a family bike ride, and the prom at Swansea bay is always bustling with people out on their bikes.

If you’re not really a biking family then you could go for a walk while the children zip around on scooters or roller skates.  My children were recently sent some heelys from to try out which they absolutely love.  They just need to master them properly before we head out for a good walk/skate around the park.


2. Visit a trampoline park

If it’s too cold and wet for you to want to head to the great outdoors, then a trampoline park is a great option for getting everyone active.

A lot of places now have kicked things up a gear and are so much more than just a room of trampolines.  You can find places with ninja warrior style assault courses, inflatables areas and so much more.


3. Go swimming

Another option that’s great for all ages is to head for the local swimming pool.

Depending on what we fancy at the time we either head to the LC2 which is more of a ‘fun’ pool with slides, a lazy river and a wave machine, or the national pool where we can get in a bit more actual swimming.

Wherever we go though the children love being in the water and we all feel nicely worn out by the time we get home!

And even though it’s too cold to actually swim in the sea we also love popping to the beach in the winter months for a paddle.


4. Set up an obstacle course at home

If you don’t even want to leave the house in the first place but still want to get everyone active then you can set up an obstacle course at home.

Put some cushions across the floor to jump across, create a ‘balance beam’ with washi tape on the floor and set up chairs and tables to climb over and under.   Games like hide and seek, and even party games like musical statues and musical bumps are also great fun ways to get everyone moving and away from screens for a bit.


5. Indoor rock climbing

For the more adventurous types, a home made obstacle course would be way too tame.  In that case, see if there’s an indoor climbing centre you could visit.

They’ll have qualified instructors to, literally, show you the ropes and you’ll all come away with a sense of achievement for trying something new and pushing yourself.  Most centres have different walls and set ups for every level of experience, so whether you’ve never climbed before or if you’re an experienced climber you’ll find something to suit your ability level.


So there you have it, a few ideas for different activities you can try this winter to get the whole family active.

What’s your favourite way to get your family moving?


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