unique things to do on a day out in London

5 unique things to do on a day out in London

We live in Wales, so we don’t get to London all that often.  So if I think about going on a trip there I would probably plan to do the quite obvious tourist things.  We would go and see Big Ben and the London Eye.  I’d want to go to the Natural History museum and maybe the Tate Modern.  And we’d most likely want to go and see the Queen while we were there!

If you visit London a bit more regularly though, you’ve probable done all these things.

So if you’re looking for something a bit different, a bit more unique, to do on a day out in London, here are some suggestions.


Take a boat tour

One of the classic things to do in London is go on a sightseeing tour in an open-top bus.  They’re a great way to get all the sights in and are a classic tourist activity.

If you want something a bit different though to satisfy the thrill-seeker in you, then you could try a Thames sightseeing speedboat cruise.  Yes you heard me right.  You can take a speedboat along the Thames, taking in the sights like the houses of parliament, Big Ben and the London eye, before taking off at speed for an adrenaline-filled ride from London Bridge around Canary Wharf.


Get a taste of Italy in little Venice

If you’ve seen all the traditional sights in London then you can mix things up with a trip to little Venice.

Just to the north of Paddington little Venice is just what you would expect it to be.  A small corner of London where the Grand Union Canal meets Regent’s Canal, full of narrowboats, day trip boats and water cafes.


Visit a different kind of museum

You can’t really go to London and not visit a museum can you?!

That doesn’t mean you have to visit the same old places as everyone else though.  There are all sorts of unique little museums to explore in London.

The chocolate museum in Brixton would be great for any chocoholics, especially seeing as you can do a class there to make your own chocolates!  And Pollock’s toy museum would be a great place to visit if you have slightly older children who can resist the urge to touch everything!


Take a musical tour 

For something really different, try taking a musical tour around London.  Put your piano playing skills to the test and travel round the city finding the free public pianos and playing a tune on each one.

Then if you want to recreate a bit of musical history you can head over to the Abbey Road crossing and pretend to be one of the Beatles (just obviously take care what with it being on an actual road and all!)


Catch the changing of the guards

Fancy something a bit more traditional, but still quite unique, to do in London?

Make a plan to visit Buckingham Palace in time to watch the changing of the guards.

Then spend the rest of the day trying to get the AA Milnes poem about it out of your head!


So there you go, 5 ideas for something a bit different to do on your next day out in London!

Do you visit London a lot? 

What is your favourite thing to do or place to visit there?


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