Quick wins to make your house feel cleaner

5 quick wins to make your house feel tidier

Some days you don’t want to spend ages cleaning, but you want to do a few quick things to make your house feel like not quite so much of a disaster zone.

For those kinds of days, here are 5 things you can do to really quickly get your home feeling cleaner and tidier.


Make the bed

If you only have time to do one thing in your bedroom, make it making the bed.

The bed is most likely the biggest thing in your room, and having it nicely made, all neat and tidy has a huge impact on how tidy the room feels in general.

The same goes for your living room.

Quickly putting any throws and blankets neatly on the sofa can make the whole room feel tidier.


Hide clutter in baskets

One of the big things that makes my house feel really untidy is all the stuff everywhere.

There are days when there is not a single clear surface in the living room.  Even the sofa and chairs have stuff plonked down on them.

So having baskets and toys boxes around to stash the clutter in is a great way to quickly clear off the surfaces and make everything feel much cleaner.

This is also a great trick if you always have stuff sitting on the stairs, waiting to be taken out.  Just popping that stuff in a basket that sits on the stairs looks much tidier.  You can even get special stair baskets that are shaped to fit over two steps.


Sweep or vacuum the floors

A quick whizz round the house with a broom or hoover can really make the house feel cleaner.

If you have people coming over and are in a real hurry then just focus on the high-traffic areas and the parts of the house that people are going to see.


Empty and wipe down the sink

A lot of people say that the best place to start with cleaning the house is the kitchen sink.  I know that FlyLady starts her whole cleaning process with shining the sink and I can see the logic behind it.

If you have dishes piled up in yours, then quickly getting them washed, dried and put away can make a big difference to how the kitchen feels.

While you’re there give the sink itself a bit of a scrub and rinse the drain with some soda crystals and hot water.


Open the windows

The ultimate quick win for making your house feel cleaner is to fling open the windows.

Get rid of any stale smells and let lots of lovely fresh air in.

If you want to go one step further then lighting some scented candles or popping a fresh-smelling oil into a diffuser will make your house smell lovely and inviting.

And if you want to trick visitors into thinking you’ve been cleaning then spray a bit of furniture polish in the air so it smells like you’ve been busy dusting!


What job do you tackle when you want a quick win to make your home feel tidier and cleaner?

What do you think makes the biggest impact in making your house feel tidy quickly?

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