2019’s most popular family-friendly cars

2019’s most popular family-friendly cars

It often feels like having a family car is a must, rather than a luxury. It can make all those errands and shopping trips easier. And a car is a great help for getting the kids to and from school, music practice or sports classes.

If you’re looking for your first family car or need to upgrade to a bigger model, here are some of the most popular options on the market in 2019.

2019’s most popular family-friendly cars


Skoda Superb

Once upon a time, Skoda was far from the fashionable car maker it has become. And with its Superb, you literally will find a “superb” family-friendly car. It rides lower to the surface for a smoother drive and has a huge boot to cram in all the family essentials. It’s quiet too – ideal for letting sleeping little ones lie (and tired parent passengers!).


Mazda 6

As a family-friendly car, few cars offer the level of safety as the most recent Mazda 6. It boasts a 95% adult occupant safety rating and 91% for child passengers. It makes it one of the class-leaders based on Euro NCAP safety tests. Other features include the wide-opening doors for fitting those tricky car seats and good fuel economy.


Ford Focus

One of the most reliable models on this list, the Focus has been a smash for Ford since it first hit the road in 1998. It’s one of the safest cars for those inside, while impressive fuel economy and practical boot space are also advantages. And because it’s such a popular car, you can find a great value used Ford Focus to suit any budget from Peter Vardy.


VW Touran

For larger families, the 7-seater VW Touran is well worth looking at. It apparently has more than 40 cubby compartments for food, drink, toys and other child essentials. If you leave just 5 seats up, the boot capacity is enormous, and it has enough Isofix fitting points to get up to five car seats in. More importantly, it’s relatively affordable to insure, tax and fill up at the pump.


Nissan Leaf

If you’d like your next car to be kinder on the environment, the Leaf is a popular option for families. It claims to do around 200 miles from a single charge, making it practical for all but the longest road trips. The cost of running is another area in which the Leaf is brilliant. No petrol/diesel engine means no CO2 emissions, which means no tax and makes it great if you live near a low-emission zone.


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