Wicked Uncle review

Wicked Uncle review

You might not know this about me, but I have 6 nieces altogether.

So that’s 6 little girls ranging in age from 3 to nearly 9 that I buy presents for every year.  And even though I have children of my own, I still find it hard at times to know what to buy for them.

Holliday Grandchildren 2014

Look at all those girls – poor Rhys is so outnumbered!


So I quite often find myself spending hours browsing the internet to see what inspiration I can find for presents.  Other times I just go straight to the source and ask my siblings what the girls would like!

See, I quite like the idea of being the ‘cool’ Aunt.  The one who sends really awesome presents every year.  But it’s not always as easy as I imagined it would be!

So I was really pleased to come across the Wicked Uncle website.

The site is designed to help clueless Aunts, Uncles and friends find presents for the children in their lives.

The site is really simple to use, you just select the age and gender of the child you’re buying for and then you can either browse all the options or narrow it down further by identifying if the child likes things that are outdoorsy, creative, snuggly etc.

To put the whole thing to the test I signed up for the Wicked Uncle challenge, which involved me asking friends of mine who don’t have children of their own to chose a present each for Rhys and Nerys from the site, with no help from me.

They were really up for the challenge and within half an hour I had a message saying it was done, and then I just had to wait to see what arrived in the post!

Honestly, I was so excited to see what they’d chosen!

The box arrived a few days later and the children were so eager to open it up when I told them that it was presents from Uncle May and Auntie Heidi in there.  I did film the grand opening, but, well, let’s just say it didn’t go quite to plan!

They were so excited to open the box, Rhys pulled out his present with shouts of ‘wow’ and I think Nerys then thought that was it, that there wasn’t anything in there for her.

Cue sad face.

And even when Rhys dug about in the box and found her present she still didn’t stop pouting.

See, even at 2 years old she’s quite stubborn like me, and you have to give her time to come round once she’s decided she’s upset about something!

It didn’t take long though, before she went back and had a good look at what she’d been given, and then she didn’t stop smiling.

So, what did they get?!

Well, Rhys, our 5 year old lego fan, who loves building things and who recently told me he wants to be a mechanic when he’s older had a brilliant Meccano junior set.

Honestly, I don’t think we could’ve chosen better ourselves, he absolutely loves it!

With the parts in the set he can build a plane, a helicopter, a racing car or a truck, so it keeps him entertained for ages.

And it’s a really lovely quality toy too, the pieces all feel really sturdy and, once built, the toy feels nice and solid.

wicked uncle meccano review

And Nerys?

She had something that I don’t think I would’ve picked out for her, but that is just fab, so I’m really pleased I wasn’t the one chosing these presents!

Our friends chose a really sweet kids gardening kit for her.

It’s a little pink bucket, and a bag to put it in, with pockets around the sides holding wooden plant markers, a spade, a hand fork and some incredibly cute spotty gardening gloves.  Now we’re just waiting for a sunny weekend so she can help us do some much needed gardening!

wicked uncle gardening set

From our end then, the Wicked Uncle experience has been really positive.  Delivery was nice and quick, and the items were packaged up well.  And there was even a brilliant pre-addressed thank you card in there, you just need to tick a box, write your name, add a stamp and pop it in the post.

The children really loved the presents that were chosen for them too, and it was so much fun for it all to be a surprise for me too!

I spoke to the gift-choosers a few days ago and their feedback was really positive too.

They said the site was nice and easy to use, and visually appealing too.  They did comment that there seemed to be a jump in price though, with not many options for presents for about £10.

They also suggested that it would be great if there was a feature where you could enter your budget, add a gift and then be offered suggestions of what else you could get that would go nicely with it and bring you up to your budget.  That really would be useful wouldn’t it!


All in all, I would highly recommend Wicked Uncle to anyone looking to buy a gift for a child.  I know it’ll be my go-to site come Christmas time!


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