Where will you go?

Today my son turned 5.

I look at the amazing little boy that he’s becoming and I do start to wonder about his future.

Who will he be when he’s older?  What will he choose to do with his life?  Will he decide to spend his whole life in Wales or will he end up somewhere completely different?

But, while I’m curious, the answers to those questions honestly don’t really matter, as long as his choices are his own.  As long as he makes the decisions that are right for him, and goes in a direction that brings him happiness.

I know some parents have big dreams for their children.  But the one dream I have for mine is for them to be happy.

Whatever job, or partner, or lifestyle my son chooses, as long as he’s not hurting anyone, and as long as it’s HIS choice and he’s happy with it, then I will be happy.

He can steer himself in any direction he chooses!

You have brains in your head quote 

Do you have specific hopes and dreams for you children? I’d love to know what they are if you do!


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