A weekend away without the children – where to go and what to do

When I was little, if anyone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I would say ‘a mummy’.

It was all I ever wanted.  And I am unbelievably happy that my dream came true, and that I get to be mummy to my two little ones.  It is absolutely amazing to get to see my children grow and develop, and to be able to spend as much time with them as I do.

Being a parent isn’t always easy and fun though; some days are just hard.  I think every parent craves a bit of time to themselves now and then.  A chance to go to the toilet in peace, and to finish a hot cup of coffee.

Having a family trip away like we did recently when we went to Bluestone can be a lovely way for everyone to enjoy themselves.  But having an afternoon to yourself, or with friends, every so often, can be a great way to have a small break from being a parent, and remember what it is like to do something for yourself.  Having a whole weekend away, however, can make a huge difference to your sense of well-being and lets you come back feeling refreshed and ready to give parenting everything you’ve got again.


There are so many places you can go for a weekend break, and this depends on your preferences and what you want to do. This might mean a relaxing spa break with your partner, or letting your hair down with some friends; this is entirely up to you!

Here are some ideas on what to do, and where to go when you want a getaway.

Stay at a boutique hotel

Staying at a boutique hotel will give you all the service that a hotel provides with the added luxury and personal touch that comes with this particular hotel. The great thing about staying at a boutique hotel is that it will be a lot quieter and offer you a personal service. Deciding on a destination that suits your needs is the first step, you might, for example, be interested in country stay or you might want to enjoy the many offerings of London.Take a look at the modern rooms of the Eccleston Square Hotel if you are considering a stay in the capital.  London with it’s bustling streets makes staying in a boutique hotel all the more desirable for those that want the option to retreat away from the crowds after a busy day out.

Have a spa break

Spa breaks continue to be popular amongst parents and couples for a good reason. They provide you with the luxury and downtime that you might have forgotten about as a parent who’s only time alone is the 10-minute shower in the morning. Unwind and pamper yourself at a spa with friends, your partner, or even by yourself! Look here for some of the best places to enjoy a spa weekend away.

Fly or take a train to Europe

Make the most of the budget airlines and go on a city break somewhere in Europe. There are so many countries and cities to choose from, so deciding on where to might be the most difficult part! Have a look at some of the most romantic cities to visit in Europe as a couple, and enjoy your time away. Travelling by train is becoming increasingly popular, and many people are choosing to do this over flying. In fact, with the time spent waiting in airports and getting transfers, it can even be quicker to get the train than to fly somewhere. For example, getting the Eurostar from Paris to London takes just over two hours!  My parents have actually just taken the train all the way to the south of France for their holiday, and said the journey was fab.  It definitely sounds easier than driving the whole way overnight like my dad used to when we were younger!


So there you go, three ideas for where to go and what to do if you ever get the chance to have a weekend away without your children.  When was the last time you did something like this?


Disclaimer – this is a collaborative post


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