Review VonHaus handheld vacuum cleaner

VonHaus cordless handheld vacuum review

Disclosure: I was sent this vacuum for the purpose of writing this review.  All words, photos and opinions are my own.

I am not a domestic goddess.  When it comes to cleaning and tidying, I do what I can but I’m definitely no Mrs Hinch.

My home falls into the ‘lived in’ category and I’m happy with that.  I want people to feel like they can come in and be at home here, rather than worrying about leaving marks on my pristine sofa or a bit of mud on my perfect floor.

There are two things that bother me though, when it comes to how clean and tidy my house is.

One is when all the surfaces are full of clutter and the other is when the floors are dirty.  When these two things are sorted I feel so much better about how my house looks and feels.

The thing with the floors is that they’re mostly laminate in our house which seems to accumulate dust and dirt ridiculously quickly.  I wanted something that I could grab quickly and do a once-over of the floors on a regular basis to keep on top of this.

So when the lovely people at VonHaus said they’d like to send me a cordless vacuum cleaner to review I was more than a little excited.


The first thing I noticed when the vacuum arrived was how small the box was!

I’m not sure what I was expecting to be honest, but I was surprised when the box was delivered.  What I wasn’t surprised by was how excited I was to open it up.  I know it’s such a boring grown-up thing to be excited about, but a cordless vacuum cleaner really has been on my wishlist for such a long time.


As you’d expect, especially considering the size of the box, the vacuum was in several different pieces in the box and needed to be assembled.

There was a small instruction manual included which wasn’t the most detailed thing ever, but was enough to work out how to connect everything.

The first thing I needed to do was push the battery unit into the main part of the vacuum cleaner, and this was easy enough.  There’s a satisfying click that lets you know it’s done properly.  Then I had to really test my patience and let the thing charge before I could put it through its paces.


It takes around 4 hours for the battery to fully charge from flat, and then it’ll run for around 20-30 minutes before needing to be charged again.

I’ve had the vacuum for about a month now and generally find that I can do our house 2-3 times before it needs to be charged.  What I really like is that the green power light that comes on when you use the vacuum starts to flash red when the battery is running low.  So you have a bit of a warning instead of just turning off all of a sudden.


The first time I assembled the vacuum after it had charged I did find it a bit tricky.

You need to attach the dust tank to the main unit and I couldn’t find anything in the instruction manual about how you do this.  Turns out it is quite simple, but you need to be quite forceful with it.  Make sure everything is lined up and then give it a good push into place.

Then it’s just a case of deciding what attachment to use first.

Most of the time around the house I use the vacuum as an upright cleaner, with the extension attachment and floor brush attached.


Most of the rooms in my house are laminate and this cordless vacuum is absolutely brilliant for picking up all the crumbs, dirt and dust that seem to accumulate overnight.

It’s really easy to use, just press the button on the handle once to get it started, and then again if you want a bit more suction power.

I find that for the hard floors the first setting is absolutely fine.  But if I want to vacuum the carpets on the stairs and landing, or the big rug in our living room, then I need the extra power boost.


The vacuum itself is nice and lightweight so it’s really easy to whizz around the house with it. 

The floor brush swivels around brilliantly too, so you can manoeuvre round the furniture so easily.  I find vacuuming the stairs with our old corded cleaner really awkward and hard work, but with this cordless vacuum it’s so easy.


On days that I’m doing a bit more of a clean around the house I’ll pop the floor brush off and use one of the crevice tools to reach up and clean the top corners of the rooms and around lampshades.

It’s really easy to change the tools, just press the orange attachment release button and pull the attachment out.  Then push the next one in until you hear that satisfying click.

And when you want to switch to the handheld set up you just take out the extension pole and push the attachment into the main unit.

This little machine is so handy!

I use it to get right in along our skirting boards and along the sides/backs of the stairs.  It’s also perfect for using in the car to clear up all the crumbs and dirt that the children leave behind on a regular basis.


The dust tank has a capacity of 0.5l, so it’s not huge but big enough to hold the dust and dirt from a go around the house.

It’s so easy to empty too, just unclip the bottom to release it and everything falls right out into the bin.  Once you get into the habit of emptying it after each use it’s no big deal at all.

One thing we really love about this vacuum is that it has an advanced HEPA filter, so it keeps in allergens, bacteria and other microparticles, rather that putting them back into the air. Steve has asthma that’s triggered by dust, so this is filter is a big plus for us.  And the filter itself is really easy to take out and clean with water.


We’ve been using the VonHaus cordless vacuum for around a month now and I absolutely love it.

It’s really compact so it lives in a corner near the hallway, tucked out of sight but ready to be grabbed whenever it’s needed.  The charging unit can be wall mounted if you have the space for that, which is a really lovely feature.  We just plug the charger in when we need it and sit the vacuum on the floor while it charges.


With it being cordless it’s so easy to pick up and use for a quick clean around whenever I need.

Our old vacuum is corded and because it’s bigger it lives in the cupboard under the stairs so it feels like so much more effort to get it out and use it.  And then you’re dancing around the cord the whole time, and having to unplug it each time you move to a different room.

The VonHaus vacuum feels so effortless to use in comparison.  

I can whizz around from room to room, and up the stairs, without needing to stop.  And with it being so light and simple to use, the children can manage it too.

We’re working on teaching them to take a bit more responsibility, to clean up their own messes and so on, and this vacuum is a great tool to have to help with that.  When they leave a load of crumbs under their seats then I can hand them the handheld unit and they can clean it up themselves.


I had been after a cordless vacuum for so long, I’m thrilled that this one from VonHaus doesn’t disappoint.

It feels sturdy in your hand, has great suction power and just the right amount of attachments to do all the jobs I need it to do.  The 30 minute run time is great and more than enough to get my house clean, and it tucks away nicely when we’re not using it.


You can get this particular vacuum from the VonHaus website for £89.99 which is a brilliant price for a cordless vacuum.


Disclosure: I was sent this vacuum for the purpose of writing this review.  All words, photos and opinions are my own.

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