Upgrading all the finer details of your home

Upgrading the finer details of your home

When it comes to interior design, it can be hard to achieve that completed and tidy look without the use of a professional interior designer. This is because an interior designer is aware of all the tips and tricks it takes to make a room complete. One of the best tips is to upgrade the finer details as this can make a huge difference to how a room looks but it is often overlooked with people focusing on the colour, rugs, artwork etc.

Upgrading the finer details of your home



Moulding can look fantastic in older homes and a great way to add visual appeal and elegance to the ceiling (an area often overlooked in interior design). There are all kinds of style and types to choose from so you should be able to find one which suits your style and looks impressive.


Door handles

The door is another often overlooked feature of a room but the first thing that you look at before entering and the last thing that you see before leaving. There are a few ways to make your door more attractive but upgrading the door handle to something stylish and classy is the most effective. Similarly, changing the cabinet handles can make a big difference in the kitchen and anywhere else with cabinets.


Electrical sockets & switches

Most people do not think about electrical sockets and switches when decorating a room yet these can take up a fair amount of space and your eyes are often led there through cables and wires. Upgrading by choosing more attractive materials, patterns and colours can make a big difference and make the room look more modern. Places like Schneider Electric have a wide range to choose from which can upgrade any room.



The curtains/blinds are an area that takes up a huge amount of wall space but are often ignored. Choose large drapes from a nice material for the winter months and then replace these with something lighter in the summer to add style and practicality.



Lighting sets the mood and atmosphere so it is incredibly powerful in interior design yet many homeowners leave the lighting as it was when they moved in. Experiment with a range of light sources and try different lamp shades to create the desired atmosphere in the room that you are decorating.


It is the finer details that really complete a room to give it that professional look and these are just a few ways that you can achieve this while decorating.


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