Unique places to visit for quirky London nightlife

I don’t get to visit London very often, but love the idea of spending a weekend there.  In an ideal world, we would stay with my family in Kent so we could take the children into London during the day to see the sites and visit all the museums, then they could go back with their Grandparents and Steve and I could spend a bit of time checking out London after dark.

There are so many options though, of places we could go, as there’s really no shortage of quirky and fun nightlife in London.  I’ve had a bit of help putting this post together, and come up with a couple of weird and unique locations to visit when you’re next in the heart of London.


Bunga Bunga Bars

Bunga Bunga Bars in Covent Garden give you a wealth of sophisticated entertainment that isn’t to be missed if you enjoy a good cocktail. Not only are these bars fantastic for relaxation, but they’re also great for a spot of gambling too, if that’s your thing.  You see, the unique thing about Bunga Bunga Bars is that you can play a spot of blackjack or roulette with the exact person that serves you a drink! This creates a unique atmosphere that’s similar to a regular bar, yet also has notes of a classy casino for you to enjoy. If you love the thrill of the casino, and fancy some drinks to go with it, then don’t miss out on this wonderful location. If you want to take a group of people here, then they also offer private dining for dozens of guests and have regular shows each week.


Fu Manchu Bar

Fu Manchu gives you an exquisite taste of Asian and Western fusion. There are plenty of Chinese teas, fun cocktails and upbeat music that last until late at night and even support for private parties. This is more of a clubbing location that’s located in Clapham, making it a more affordable venture no matter what your budget is. Fu Manchu is just a short walk from the Clapham North Station, making it accessible throughout most of the day. However, after midnight, the London Underground closes and you’ll need to find a taxi or call an Uber to get back to your hotel. The crowd at Fu Manchu tends to be on the younger side, so this is more of a casual spot for teenagers and young adults as opposed to a classy location for adults like Bunga Bunga Bars.


Zigfrid Von Underbelly

Located in Shoreditch in the North of London, Zigfrid Von Underbelly is a unique bar that has a wonderful punk aesthetic. It’s a place of home cooked meals, drinks and free thinking. Zigfrid Von Underbelly is a colourful location that offers some of the most quirky nightlife that London has to offer. With whimsical interior decorations and bright lights, it’s a place that is both memorable and fun. The clientele at this eccentric location is usually the younger crowd. There are many young professionals and trend-setters here, so you’ll look out of place coming in with a suit and tie. There’s no proper dance floor either, which makes it a very free and open area where people kind of just find their own spot to sit, dance and drink. Because of the lack of dance floor, the music typically isn’t the focus of Zigfrid Von Underbelly, making DJs less of a consideration than if you were to visit Fu Manchu or another dedicated club.



Yet another iconic bar located in Shoreditch, Nightjar is a place with the bespoke decor, quality cocktails, amazing service and plenty of live music. Nightjar is a critically acclaimed cocktail bar and for good reason. The food is absolutely astounding, with a collection of Spanish tapas dishes and some odd cocktails to go with it, you won’t be leaving Nightjar hungry or thirsty. For those that love social media, there’s no shortage of fun and unique creations to take pictures of and show to your envious followers. Nightjar is a location where the atmosphere is important. You’ll feel absolutely stunned by how unique the decor is. With the live jazz music playing in the background and the wonderful wooden tables and chairs that adorn the location, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported into the past as soon as you descend the stairs into Nightjar.


So there you go, if you’re looking for some wonderful and unique locations to visit when you’re on a trip to London, don’t miss out these four fantastic places. They’re quirky, fun, serve some delicious cocktails and food, and are filled with colourful characters that you’ll get to know as the night goes on.


Disclosure – this is a collaborative, sponsored post.


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