TV and films_ how to watch more for less

TV and films – how to watch more for less

We all want to find ways to get more for our money these days don’t we.  One of the big expenses a lot of us pay for is home entertainment, either with satellite TV services or streaming subscription services like Netflix and Amazon Prime TV.

There are some ways to save some money on these things though, and ways to find more films and box sets to curl up with in the evenings.

Here are some ideas for ways you can watch more for less.

TV and films_ how to watch more for less


Make use of your local library

Most libraries will have a pretty decent selection of DVDs that you can borrow.  From big budget films to boxsets of your favourite TV shows, you’re bound to find something you like there.  And you can normally borrow them for a decent amount of time.

There’s also something a bit nostalgic about doing it this way too, like spending Friday evenings in the local Blockbuster deciding what video to rent!


Set up your own DVD library at the office

If you work in a big office then you can get everyone to bring in DVDs they don’t want any more and gather them all on a bookshelf in the office.

Then when you fancy watching something you can grab it from the shelf and just bring it back again when you’re done.  You could get all fancy with this and set up a log book, or just keep it simple and work on the honour system and trust that people won’t just keep the DVDs.


Use gift cards

Did you know that you can get gift cards for Netflix?

If you want to save money on your subscription you can ask for gift cards instead of cash for your next birthday.  Or you can see if you can find any being resold online at a reduced price.  Ebay is always worth a look for things like this.


Get more out of Netflix with a VPN

If you already have Netflix you might have had the frustrating experience of not being able to watch certain films or TV shows because they’re not available in your country.

There are some shows that won’t be on Netflix UK, for example, that are available in the US.

Luckily there’s a way to get around this and get way more viewing options for your money.  You can use a VPN with Netflix to hide your geographic location.  This is called geo-spoofing, and basically it changes your IP address so it looks like you’re in a different location.

So you can set it up so Netflix thinks you’re in America and lets you watch all the shows and films available over there.


Use catch-up services

There are loads of TV programmes available for free using online catch-up services.

BBC iPlayer is really great with a selection of films, box sets of different shows and new episodes of the latest programmes shown a day later.  It’s also really great if you have children because there are loads of CBeebies and CBBC shows on there.

Other options are all4, ITV hub and UKTV play which has shows from Dave, Drama, Really, Yesterday and Home.


Make use of Google opinion rewards

If you have an android phone then you can download the Google opinion rewards app and earn money to spend in the Google play store.

You get sent ridiculously quick surveys to answer a few times a week and get paid for them.  It’s normally only a few pennies per survey but it does build up quite quickly.  Then you can spend what you make on anything in the play store.  They have a huge range of films and TV series in there, as well as music and ebooks.


Using a combination of these ideas you’ll have almost endless options of things to watch at home, all without having to spend a fortune.


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