Turn food indulgence into an art

Ah, indulging… who doesn’t love to let go once in a while and ignore the rules? Indulging, more often than not though, has a terrible rep, especially because it leads to some pretty dramatic results. Chances are if you over-indulged in tasty treats over Christmas you’re starting to regret it a little bit now.

You might be finding that your clothes are a bit tighter, or that your skin is looking a bit sad as a result of eating too many greasy and over-processed foods.  You might even find that you’re feeling a bit guilty about over-indulging.

The thing is, indulging in all the festive chocolates and cheese and creamy puddings makes us feel pretty good at the time.  It feels like we’re treating ourselves.  It’s only later that we think about it and start to wonder if it was really the best thing for us.  There is a better way though, we can still treat ourselves by changing our idea of indulgence into something a bit more sophisticated and elegant.


Turn food indulgence into an art

Indulging in quality food

For a start, the first thing you need to accept is that indulging in yummy and tasty food doesn’t just mean buying the cheapest bag of crisps from the shop and emptying it in record time. It’s about making yourself a gift, or quality and taste. If you’ve been craving cheese for ages, order yourself some proper organic cheese and prepare for a cheese degustation. Add quality crackers, sweet white grapes and a lovely glass of sweet wine. You need to think of food indulgence as a luxury, taking time to enjoy the presentation, the atmosphere and the attention in every detail. It’s not just a pack of sweet or sugary snacks. It’s a thoughtful meal.


Binge watching with healthy snacks

Most people are likely to overeat when they watch TV, as they stop paying attention to what’s on the plate. Consequently, if you’re planning a binge-watching weekend, you’ll need more than just choosing your favourite shows on Netflix. You’ll need to plan your snacks to avoid the trap of the high-calorie bag of toffee popcorn.  If you’re a crisps lover, try salted zucchini slices, which have only 40 calories per handful and a lot of nutritional value. Want something sweet? Try dipping fresh fruit in a peanut butter sauce.


Eating out, yes, but with style

Finally, if you don’t fancy cooking tonight, forget about your favourite takeaway. Instead, book a table at a local restaurant you haven’t tried yet. Is there a new Argentinian chef in town? Or a little Italian restaurant in the centre? Try it! Put your best clothes on and do your hair: You’ll feel like treating yourself to luxury if you dress up. The rule is simple: If you can’t be bothered dress up to go out, you have to stay at home and cook. Gradually, this will create a new relationship to food indulgence. It’s not a habit; it’s a luxury. Besides you can train your taste buds to new flavours!


Transforming food indulgence from gluttony to sophisticated elegance is a long process. But your body will thank you for it! And you’ll be able to indulge healthily and yummily from time to time, so it’s a win-win!


Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post


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