Try this trick to end a nursing strike

Try this one little trick to end a nursing strike

About this time last year I was slowly winding down breastfeeding with Nerys.  I fed her for about 13 months in the end and it was a wonderful, exhausting, emotional, stressful, glorious experience!

In the greater scheme of things I was pretty lucky with my breastfeeding experience with her.  I managed to avoid any bouts of mastitis and once we’d got past the first tricky few weeks things went quite smoothly.

I did, however, have one really stressful day when she went on a nursing strike.

After a lot of googling and trying out different strategies to get her feeding again I hit on something that worked.

So, if you’re in the middle of a nursing strike yourself, try this one trick that could get your baby feeding again.

Try this one little trick to end a nursing strike


Try to feed your baby while in motion.

By which I mean, hold your baby and sway from side to side, gently bounce them up and down or generally jiggle her about as you attempt to get her to latch on.

What personally worked for me was to sit on the sofa with one leg crossed over the other to raise it up a bit, then I held Nerys so my arms were resting on my leg and then I jiggled.

I jiggled my leg up and down to jiggle her, then I moved her close to me and, would you believe it, she latched on.

I had to do this for about 3 feeds before she was happy to just feed normally again, and then that was it, nursing strike over.

If you’re not feeling the jiggling, then you can also try rocking in a rocking chair, or feeding while wearing your baby in a sling and walking round the room or swaying from side to side.  Basically, getting you and your baby moving one way or another may be enough to distract and relax your baby enough for them to latch on and feed.

If you need a bit more information about nursing strikes and other things to try just in case my magic trick doesn’t work for you, then this article from breastfeeding basics is worth a read.

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