Tips for helping your child with maths

Top tips for helping your child with maths

For some people, maths can be your least favourite subject, but it’s an integral part of school curriculums in order to be able to do the most simple sums and up to the most difficult equations.

It also goes hand-in-hand with science-related subjects, especially for those looking to pursue science-related subjects in university.

For those that have struggling children, here are some ways you can help your child, courtesy of this junior school in London.

Break down complicated questions into chunks

Oftentimes, math questions appear complicated because of the way they’re worded. In these cases you should try and break down the question for them. Look at what the question is asking and go through it step by step with your child.


Sit with them as they go through their maths homework

Learning for yourself is often a good way you both learn together. See how your child does their homework and how they complete each section.

You can see what areas they struggle with and which ones they can get through without so much help and they have the chance to show you what kind of assignments they do in school.


Provide extra learning materials for them

If your child is in need of extra support, then you could look to buy some additional material for them to help them along the way.

Whether it’s additional workbooks, tuition or an extra few hours a week of dedicated revision, it can boost your child’s confidence in the subject and give them a clearer head when looking at maths work.


With these methods you can help guide your child through their studies without stress and too many obstacles in the way for your child to manage.

They’ll also thank you for it later on down the line – you’d be surprised to hear what your child will remember you for!


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