Planning a family trip to Sri Lanka

Tips for planning a family holiday to Sri Lanka

If you’re the adventurous type and you like to travel to all the corners of the world, there’s no reason why having children should stop you.

A lot of people do like to stick to familiar places, closer to home when they have little ones, but with a bit of planning you can pretty much go anywhere still with children in tow.

South Asia, for example, is full of beautiful places like Sri Lanka that would make an amazing destination to travel to with your family.

If this is something you’re considering, then here are the tips you need to know for planning a family holiday to Sri Lanka.


Get your essentials sorted

As well as a valid passport you’ll also need visas to travel to Sri Lanka, so make sure you get these sorted before you plan to travel.

You’ll also need to get everyone in the family to your GP to make sure your jabs like hepatitis and tetanus are up to date.

Sri Lanka was declared malaria free back in 2016 by the world health organisation, so you shouldn’t need to worry about pills for that, although you might want to discuss this with your doctor before you travel.


Keep everyone healthy while you’re there

The biggest issue you might face on a holiday to Sri Lanka is traveller’s diarrhoea.  So make sure to only drink bottled water, and even go so far as to use bottled water when brushing your teeth.

As far as food goes, avoid things like salads and stick to hot foods that have been freshly prepared.


Consider your options on where to stay

There are a few options for accommodation, depending on where in Sri Lanka you want to go.

Top-end holiday resorts are a good option for families with everything you need in one place.  Lots of the resorts have swimming pools, tennis courts, kids play areas and other acitivities to keep everyone happy.

Another great option for families are holiday homes and villas.

Galle is a great city for experiencing the history and culture of Sri Lanka, and staying in one of these Galle villas is a lovely way to immerse your family in it all even more.


Think about how you’ll get around once you’re there

If you’ve travelled all the way to Sri Lanka you’ll want to get out and about and see the sights when you’re there.

You could hire a car and drive yourself around, but you’d need to get an international driving permit and a Sri Lankan permit to drive to be able to do this.  So most people leave the driving to the locals.

The best options, depending on how far you want to travel around, are using the local buses and trains or jumping in a tuk tuk or rickshaw.


Plan some amazing experiences

Make a plan before you go of the things you want to do and see with your family in Sri Lanka.

There are some brilliant ideas in this post on things to do with kids in Sri Lanka from Globetotting.  Their suggestions include meeting elephants, exploring the ancient fort of Galle and going whale spotting among other things.

No matter how old your children are there are loads of things you can experience together.  The beaches are beautiful, you just need to be really careful going in the water as there are often strong currents and rip tides.  It’s worth reading up on the different Sri Lankan beaches before you go to find the ones with calmer waters that will be safer for children.


With a bit of careful planning you can have an amazing family holiday in Sri Lanka, and potentially spark a love of travelling and learning about other countries and cultures in your children.

Have you been to Sri Lanka?  Where do you normally go on holiday with your family?


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