Things to think about when taking your camera on holiday with you

If you’re anything like me, you wouldn’t think about going on holiday and not taking your camera with you.

When I start planning any kind of holiday or trip, my camera is right up there as one of the first things I write on my packing list (I’m not the only one who writes lists of things to pack am I?!).

The thing is, there are several things you need to think about before taking a camera away with you, especially if you’re flying off to a far-flung location.  

Here are my top 8 things to think about when taking your camera on holiday with you.

Things to think about when taking your camera on holiday with you

1. Consider where you’re going.

If you’re going anywhere that’s extremely hot or super cold, make sure your camera can handle it.  The biggest issue is going from one temperature extreme to another, because this can cause condensation to build up in your camera.  This is more of an issue if you’re going somewhere cold, so if you’re going on a sky holiday think about taking a bag for your camera to keep it in as you go from outside to inside.  Or pack a few of those silica packages to pop in your camera bag.


2. Make sure you’re insured.

Accidents happen.  So make sure you have some insurance in place before you leave.  That way if you do happen to drop your camera, or knock it into the pool, it won’t be the end of the world.


3. Protect your camera while travelling.

If you’re taking your expensive dslr and lenses away with you, you’ll want to make sure they’re well protected on the journey.  A sturdy, protective case like these from The Case Farm will keep your things safe, secure and protected while you travel.


4. Carry it on.

Along the same lines, think about getting a case that meets carry on requirements if you’re travelling by plane.  I know I really wouldn’t want my precious camera to be out of my sight if I was flying somewhere!


5. Consider what activities you’ll be doing.

If you’ll be doing a lot of water-based activities, then look into getting waterproof casing for your camera.  This is something I’ve been wanting to do for ages, after seeing all the stunning surfing photos that are out there.  Even if you’ll just be splashing in the pool with your baby you could get some amazing underwater shots with the right protective casing.


6. Stock up on memory cards.

Even if your memory card can hold a whole holiday’s worth of photos, think about taking a couple more with you and switching between them periodically while you’re away.  That way, if anything happens to your camera, say it gets stolen for example, you won’t lose every single photo from your trip.


7. Stock up on batteries too.

Make sure you have enough batteries for your camera and flash.  And if you’re using rechargeable batteries, make sure you have the right plug adapter for your charger!


8. Think about getting a filter.

If you’re going on a beach holiday, think about getting a filter to put on your lens.  A UV filter is a good option, or a neutral density filter to help with taking photos on super bright days.  The main benefit of a filter on holiday though, is simply to protect your lens from getting blasted with sand and salty air.


So there you have it, a fair bit to be thinking about before you jet off on holiday.  But hopefully, planning ahead and considering all these factors will save you from any drama while you’re away!


Disclosure – this is a collaborative post


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