The ultimate cure

I’ve lived in Swansea for nearly 17 years now.

That’s 17 years of having the sea right there.  And it still makes me feel better every time I see it.

In a recent Living arrows post I wrote that I think there’s something special about sea air.  And I really do believe that.

Something about a walk on the beach soothes me.

The sound of the waves.  The gentle rhythm of the tide.  The salt in the air.


This quote really makes sense to me.

The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea

If I’m feeling sad, or angry or any other negative emotion then I know that one of those three things will help make me feel better.

Working up a bit of a sweat, having a good cry or breathing in some sea air can do wonders for me.

How about you?



Cuddle Fairy
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