Benefits of school trips

The benefits of school trips

School trips are great fun for kids and they make a nice change to the usual classroom setting. However, these aren’t the only benefits of school trips; there are lots of reasons why they are so advantageous to a child’s academic journey.

In fact, there has been lots of research into the benefits of school trips and the results have shown that students are far more likely to retain information and remember it during their exams. This is likely because their real-life experiences are more memorable than words in a text book. An independent school in New York explore the benefits of school trips further below. 


If your son or daughter is quite shy, a school trip might help them break out of their shell.

This is because students are typically forced to step out of their comfort zone and interact with people they might not be familiar with. They are also given an opportunity to build upon their relationships with classmates and teachers. All of these different interactions will likely help your child feel more confident, which may encourage them to speak up more during lessons.


Oftentimes, school trips allow students to experience first-hand the hardships faced by others, either in the present day or in years gone by.

This helps them understand the world from a different perspective and teaches them to empathise and show compassion. What’s more, it also gives them some cultural awareness, which is not something that can be taught in a classroom.


School trips are a great way to engage different types of learners, such as kinaesthetic or visual learners. They allow students to have a break from their normal lessons and do something fun together; making memories they can cherish forever.

After which, they can go back to the classroom feeling refreshed. 


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