Coping with losing the extra hour in bed when you're a parent

The 5 stages of coping with the loss of the extra hour in bed now you’re a parent

Chances are you’ve seen some posts starting to pop up on Facebook about how the clocks are going back this weekend.  Which is normally seen as something to celebrate seeing as it, in theory, gives us an extra hour in bed on Sunday morning.

Unless of course you have young children who have absolutely no concept of time.  

In that case, the extra hour is something that we remember fondly from our pre-children days, and then start to dread as we prepare ourselves for a good few weeks of really unreasonable wake-up times while the kids adjust.

So, in an attempt to bring a little humour to the situation, here is my guide to the things we parents think and say during the 5 stages of coping with the loss of that extra hour in bed:

The 5 stages of coping with the loss of the extra hour in bed



“The kids aren’t actually awake.  No, they can’t really be awake yet.  It’s 4.30am, they’re just stirring.  They’ll settle back to sleep in a minute.  If I just shut my eyes and go back to my dream then the kids will do the same, that’s how it works isn’t it?  I mean, they’re not properly awake anyway”



“Damn.  They’re properly awake.  Are you actually kidding me?!   For the love of God, it’s 4.30am!  And why do they always have to call for me?  Shout for Daddy instead for once!”



To your other half (after you’ve shaken them awake):
“If you get up with them today I’ll do all the cooking and cleaning for the rest of the week”

To your children (after you’ve stumbled into their room):
“If you just stay quietly in bed and look at books for an hour you can watch Peppa pig and eat chocolate buttons for the rest of the day”



“Argh, this sucks.  I don’t want to get up yet.  It’s so dark out, and it’s so bloody early the heating hasn’t come on yet so I’m freezing.

*quiet sobbing*

Oh God, it’s so early that Cbeebies isn’t even on yet ”



“Looks like it’s going to be a 10-cups-of-coffee kind of day.  Right, let’s get up and get the first cup going.  Then stick the Sarah and Duck DVD on for the kids.  At least they might go to sleep at a decent time tonight!”


Do any of these things sound familiar to you?  

Or are you one of the parents who actually prepares for the clock change by adjusting bedtimes etc all week?  I’ve never been organised enough to actually do that!

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