Give your car some love this Christmas

Show your car some love this Christmas

Christmas is the time of year we treat all our loved ones to thoughtful gifts, delicious food and special days out.

Our children, our siblings, parents, friends, they all get shown in some way or another how much they mean to us at this time of year.  Even our pets get their own stockings and treats.  But is there someone, or something missing from that list?  What about our cars?  Isn’t it only right that we treat them a little bit at Christmas too!

Here are some ways you can show your car some love this Christmas.

Show your car some love this Christmas

Hit the open road

If you live in a big city like London then it’s possible that you spend a fair bit of your driving time going slowly in busy traffic.  Or you might be like me and only really drive short journeys to school and back.  Either way it’s time to treat your car to a good long run on the open road.

Go for a drive somewhere you can open her up and pick up some speed.  Our mechanic has often recommended that we do this on a regular basis, to keep the car running efficiently and to reduce the car’s emissions.


Schedule a service

To really make sure everything is running smoothly you should book your car in for a service.

You can arrange a car service in London with Iverson Tyres, or have a look online for a company local to you that offers a good, comprehensive service.  They’ll check everything over for you so your car is happy and efficient and you’re reassured that everything is as it should be.



There’s something about cars that makes them attract random clutter like magnets.

At the moment in our car there’s an umbrella and a pair of wellies in the passenger seat footwell.  There are multiple tissues and chocolate wrappers in the central console.  I don’t want to mention the amount of child-related ‘stuff’ that’s on the back seats.

If this sounds at all familiar then show your car some love by having a little clear out.


Book a spa day

Once you’ve cleared out the clutter, treat your car to a trip to the vehicle version of a spa by taking it to be properly cleaned, inside and out.

Have the whole thing washed, vacuumed and generally spruced up.  You could even splash out on a nice new air freshener if the new car smell is a distant memory.


Check the tyres

In the winter months it’s really important to make sure your car’s tyres are in good condition.

Check the pressure and use an air compressor to top them up if you need to.  You should also check the tread on the tyres to make sure they’re still safe and legal.  If they’re looking worn then get them replaced with some good quality new ones.


We spend quite a bit of time in our cars and they get us safely from A to B, so it’s only fair to show them a bit of love now and then.

How often do you treat your car to a bit of tlc?


Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post


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