‘Show you were there’ round up (week twenty five)

It’s Sunday morning, which means it’s time for another round up of my favourite photos that have been shared this past week with my little instagram community.

If you don’t already know, #ShowYouWereThere is the place to share photos that feature you.  I started it as a way to try and encourage more parents to get in more photos, both with and for their children.  So often we’re the ones hiding behind the camera, taking thousands of photos of our families, but never actually getting in any ourselves!

So, on with my picks for this past week.

First up this week is this gorgeous smiley photo from Lianne at Anklebiters Adventures.

I’ve never been to Castell Coch, but it sounds like they had a really lovely family day there, especially with it including lots of cuddles!

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M E ▪A N D ▪M Y ▪G I R L we had such a lovely day visiting a Castell Coch today ⚔ it was so lovely and chilled 👍we sat in the grounds for ages just playing and running around 🙌 this one wanted loads of cuddles 🤗 from Mummy which was lovely 💗 as usually when Daddy 👨👧 is home I don't get a look in 😅 what's everyone been up to today ? #freespiritedchildhood #myfamilyadventures, #Lifecloseup, #LittleFierceOne #happylittlebuttons, #WorldofLittles, #rememberingthesedays, #playadventures, #castle #momentsoverposes, #thatsdarling #cherishthesemoments, #myhappycapture, #momswithcameras, #clickinmoms, #pixel_kids, #candidchildhood #our_everyday_moments, #littlestoriesofmylife #themagicineveryday, #whatevertheweatherkids #awanderfulchildhood #beinthepicture #perfectandproud #childhoodunplugged #explorerkids #capturingtheday #wildandfreechildren #showyouwerethere

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My next pick for this week is another smiley one, this time from Cath at Passports and Adventures.

I just love this happy, everyday moment that Cath has captured!


My third choice is a lovely summery shot from Sian at Hue me happy.

You might know Sian from her blog’s previous existence as ‘The Mama Story’, and if you haven’t taken paid her a visit recently you really should, her new design is absolutely gorgeous.  It’s bright and colourful, just like this photo!


My fourth and final choice for this week is this photo from Lucy at Mrs H’s favourite things.

Lucy’s photo and the caption that goes along with it has a different tone to it than the other ones I’ve picked this week, as she talks about how she experiences depression.  I love how honest Lucy is in talking about taking herself off to bed for a while to take some time out, but then her determination to not let the depression take over shines through at the end.

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*👊🏼☺️UP AND AT 'EM☺️👊🏼* The beginning of this week was tough. I was sidelined by depression. It took me by surprise and I was shocked at how miserable I felt. I did what I often do when the blackness of depression takes over. I go to bed. Luckily, Mr H has been off work this week and so he could look after the kids. But after a day or two of getting extra rest and allowing myself to feel depressed I knew that I then had to get "up and at 'em." I definitely know that you can't pull yourself together when your depressed. And as much as I love Taylor Swift, "Shake it off" doesn't work with depression. However, I've had depression for almost 20 years now 😱 and during that time I've learnt a thing or two. And I'm lucky to have an arsenal of tools at my disposal to show depression my middle finger. So I put those tools into action. And here I am on Sunday feeling like a different person. And I'm ready for the week ahead. Up and at 'em, people. Up and at 'em.

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Thank you so much to everyone who is using #ShowYouWereThere, I love seeing your photos popping up over on instagram, they always bring a huge smile to my face!

Now, my turn.

Although it’s my husband’s turn again this week.  I just had to share this moment, of Nerys once again balanced up high but absolutely confident that she won’t fall because her daddy is right there, holding her hand and keeping her safe.

showyouwerethere round up


If you’d like to join in with my little community and possibly be featured in my next round up (with a nice link back to your blog!) then just share a photo of yourself over on instagram using #ShowYouWereThere.  It’s all about getting more parents in more photos.  And if you’d like to take part in my guest post series ‘The photo I’m thankful for‘ then take a look at this post or email me at for more information.


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