Romantic ideas to make Valentine’s Day at home unforgettable

Romantic ideas to make your Valentine’s Day at home unforgettable

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and, for a lot of people, the day of love calls for a lot of celebration. The current pandemic situation has certainly taken a toll on many people’s idea of a swanky dinner or a staycation. But that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate this special occasion at all.

Valentine’s Day at home is a great idea and is likely to be on the cards for most couples. If you are of the opinion that the 14th of February at home would turn out to be a dull and boring day, think again. 

Here are some of the most amazing ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day at home: 


Plan an amazing menu

Any celebration at home calls for delicious food and tasty drinks. The best thing you can do is decide on your menu in advance, before the celebration begins. If you are fond of cooking, you may opt for a multi-course extravaganza. If not, you can still get creative and cook some of the most delectable dishes ranging from appetisers, main course desserts, etc., and order-in drinks.

If you are in no mood for cooking, plan on the menu and order it from your favourite restaurant. Whatever way you choose to do it, make sure you pick food and drink that feels special to you, to really make your Valentine’s Day dinner something to remember.


Create the perfect ambiance

Who wants to eat such fancy food at the same old kitchen table where you always eat?  To make it something special, think about adding a Valentine’s Day vibe to your home. Spruce up your interiors to create the most romantic setting and set the mood.  

You can work on a romantic theme and include things like lots of scented candles, indoor plants, sheer curtains, red pillows, balloons, and many others. Arrange the dining table artistically with the best cutlery, candle lights, and rose petals. 


Put on your favourite music

How about putting on your favourite romantic music and dancing with your partner? Valentine’s Day is all about love, and you cannot celebrate this day of love without tapping your feet with your one and only to your favourite love songs. 

Dim the lights, turn on the volume and dance the night with your partner. You can put together a playlist of your most-loved sentimental tracks and take a romantic trip down memory lane. 


Plan the best gifts

Make your Valentine’s Day more special by planning the best gifts for your partner. Valentine Day gifts include a long list to pamper your partner. Check out all the online and offline gift stores and choose that perfect gift. 

Some of the best Valentine Day gifts to buy for your loved one include jewellery for her, watches for him, a flower bouquet, edibles such as chocolates, cookies, gourmet snacks, gift combos, etc. 


Call your friends

To make the day one to remember thing about turning your Valentine’s Day into Galentine’s Day by planning a virtual party with your group.  

Set up a group call with your friends and their partners for the evening.  Arrange some games to play together or have a virtual movie night, all watching the same film at the same time. Get everyone to indulge in good food and good drinks. Play some party tracks in the background and let this evening be full of joy and entertainment.   You could even try hosting a virtual karaoke night for your group if you’re feeling brave enough! 


Call it cliché, but celebrating Valentine’s Day is a great idea to shower love upon your partner. So, what are you waiting for? Make a list of all the above-listed ideas and start planning this day of love. Happy Valentine’s Day! 


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