Retirement hot spots in the UK

I would hope that you could tell from my profile picture that I’m a fair few years away from retirement age.  But it’s still a topic that I think about as my parents get older.  We’ve chatted a few times about what they’ll do in the future.  Will they stay living in the same house, in the same village in Kent.  Or will they end up making a big move to Wales where both my sister and I now live.  At the moment I think they want to stay where they are, but who knows what the future holds.

I’m obviously a bit biased and think that Swansea would be a great place to live once you’re retired.  But of course there are some other amazing places in the UK that would be great too.  If you’re used to living in the capital then there are some great places to retire to where it’s easy to pop back on a coach to London.  And there are some other spots at the other end of the country that are also perfect for retirement.

So to start getting you inspired, here are some of the best hot-spots for retirement in the UK.

retirement hot spots uk

First off, lets look at some of the statistics.

It seems like I’m not alone in thinking that Wales is a great place to retire; it has a retirement percentage of 18.4% with only the South West of England higher at 19.6%.

Quite close behind Wales is the East of England with 17.5% and then the North East with 17.3%.

After that comes the South East, the midlands, Scotland and then the North West.  Then right at the other end of the scale is London, with 11.1%.

Looking at the stats, it seems that while people seem to be keen to move out of London when they retire, the places they head to are really quite varied.  I suppose there are so many factors involved in the decision, like where your family and friends are and whether you prefer coastal, rural or urban towns.


Here are some great options that you (or your parents) might want to consider.

Chichester, West Sussex

Chichester is a very popular location for people heading into retirement, as it’s a city with a lot of culture, complete with gorgeous Georgian architecture and plenty of art attractions to visit.

There are lots of markets held in the city, including the popular farmers market, which gives a great sense of community spirit that can be really important once you leave your busy work environment behind.  The city also has great transport links into London and to Gatwick airport making it perfect for people who still want to enjoy the buzz of the capital and who love to jet off on holiday as much as possible.


Cromer, Norfolk

If coastal living is more appealing then Cromer in Norfolk could be the perfect retirement option, with its sandy beaches and salty sea air.

Cromer is famous for its long pier, which is home to the Pavilion Theatre.  The theatre welcomes productions from all over the country, so those who don’t really want to head into London can still get to see some amazing shows and performances.

For those who still want a bit of city living, then Cromer offers great transport links into Norwich.


Newcastle upon Tyne, North East

For those who’s number one goal in retirement is to be happy, then Newcastle upon Tyne could be the place to move to.  It was named ‘the happiest place to live in the UK’ by the European Commission!

There is so much to do there, with the Baltic art centre, over 300 cafes and pubs, and over 92 parks and churches to visit and explore.

If you ever did get tired of the town then you can hop on a plane from Newcastle Airport to both long and short haul destinations for a change of scenery.


Things to consider

Before making a decision about where to retire to, there are a few important things to think about.

One of the big factors is affordability.  You want to be sure that you’ll be able to enjoy your retirement and not have to keep track of every last penny.

Another thing to consider is the activities on offer, to make sure you don’t end up sitting at home twiddling your thumbs after you stop working.  Have a think about how you really want to spend your time, and look for a place that allows you to do those things as often as possible.


It might still be a long way off yet, but where do you think you would like to retire to?


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post



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