Photograph your family and your life - getting started

How to photograph your family and your life – getting started

I’ve always loved photography.

I think a lot of it comes from being a sentimental person.  I just love how powerful photographs are, how they can take you right back in time to the moment they were taken.  How they can bring memories flooding back that would otherwise be lost forever.

I remember having point and shoot cameras when I was younger, and waiting weeks for the films to be developed and for the prints to arrive in the post.  I remember wanting to learn more about photography, to understand the technical side of how it all worked, to be able to take better and better pictures.

It took me years to get up the courage to do it though.

Something about all the terms I didn’t understand, and the numbers that meant nothing to me, put me off.  Maybe I thought learning the technical side of things would take the fun and creativity out of the whole thing.

If you feel the same way, and want to finally learn a bit more about photography so you can start to take photos of your family and your life that you’re really proud of, then I’m hoping this series of posts I have planned will help.


I’ve got a whole load of posts planned, covering all the basics you need to know to get your camera off auto and to start understanding all the different elements of taking a good photo.

The format might change a bit from post to post, but basically there’ll be the technical bit where I’ll explain what aperture, for example, is.  I’ll make it as simple to understand as possible, so it’s not at all scary for complete beginners.

Once the theory is out of the way I’ll give you some ideas for photos you can take to put it into practice.

I know I learn best when I actually DO something, so I hope you’ll stick around, pick up your camera and give some of the ideas a go.

This series of posts is mainly aimed at parents who want to learn more about photography so they can capture more of their family life, so hopefully the ideas and prompts will get your creativity flowing too and have you taking photos to add to your family albums straight away.


You’ll need a camera that lets you shoot in manual mode to get the most out of these posts, but that can be a compact camera or a digital SLR.

The first proper post in the series will be on the blog next week and will be all about aperture.

For now though, go and grab your camera.  And if you have it, get the instruction manual for it too.

Then spend a bit of time getting to know how the controls work.

Find out how to put the camera in ‘aperture priority’ and ‘shutter priority’ modes, as well as full manual mode.  Don’t worry about what these modes do at the moment, just work out which dials to turn to set them.

And that’s it.

The fun really starts soon, I hope you’ll come back and stick with me and enjoy learning how to photograph your family and your life.

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