Perspective photography

Perspective photography- How to get the right angle

Anyone can grab a camera and get clicking, however, if you want to take great photos then you might need some extra help. One of the best places to start is to try out online photography courses. Not only do they cover the basics of what you need to know about taking the very best photos, but as the course is online, you can study alongside your everyday life and work, which is a big help to most of us.

Online photography courses cover a wide range of the basics of taking photographs and one of the things that it covers is perspective photography.

But what is perspective photography and how can you get it right?

Perspective photography how to get the right angle

What is perspective photography?

When it comes to photography, perspective refers to not only the spatial relationship between objects but also the dimensions of those objects too. Another important aspect of perspective photography is how the human eye sees the object when it is part of a bigger image.

An object that is further away from the human eye, then the smaller it will become. This is an obvious fact, however, the scale of an object could be impacted by how large an object is in the foreground as it will influence how your eye sees it. Not only this but perspective can also be changed by eye level and also how close an object is to the horizon.


How to get perspective photography right

The trick when it comes to perspective photography is that you can’t just stand there and hope for the best. In order to get the right image and create something special, you are going to need to change things up a bit and stop simply taking every picture from eye (or tripod) level.

One of the first things that you can try out is to get as low as you can before you take your photo.

When your photo gets close to ground level, you will be able to feature the foreground of the picture, which is ideal if you have something that you really want the focus to be on that particular object. When you take a picture from a low angle, the object can appear more imposing and taller, when you take an image from below the object is going to be powerful and command attention, which works brilliantly for tall flowers or trees.

Perspective photography photo from below

It also will go some way to disorientating the person looking at the image, as it isn’t their usual viewpoint. Not only this, but for objects that are already low to the ground, taking a picture as low as possible, then you will give a much better view of texture and colour.

If taking your image low works brilliantly, then it makes sense that taking it up high will also give you some great results.

Being able to take your photo from a higher perspective will often give the person viewing the photo a chance to see something away from its normal line of sight. It also gives a real good sense of scale, particularly when it comes to larger objects.

Perspective photograph photo from above

Of course, the best approach to take is to get up as high as you can in order to take the very best photo possible, but this isn’t always possible. Instead, if you want to change things up, why not try taking a photo by looking up at a subject that you wouldn’t normally take a photo of from below? Not only is this an interesting approach to take if you want a different style of photo. But it also helps you to play with shadows, texture and also focus too.


So, now you know more about perspective photography, the time has come to try it out for yourself. Think about how you can change up the perspective of your images, whether it is taking things high or taking things low, both of which can have a huge impact on the end image that you create.


The best thing to do is to grab your camera, find the ideal subject and get clicking, you never know what type of image you could create just by seeing things from a different perspective.


Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post

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