Perfect gifts for coffee lovers

The perfect gifts for coffee lovers

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One of my favourite websites to browse for presents for other people, or something a bit different for myself, is Etsy.

There are so many amazingly talented people on there selling everything from mugs to art to jewellery and clothing.  And what’s lovely is that when you buy from one of these shops you’re supporting a small business.  Lots of the shops on there are run by just one person, making their pieces with love and attention from their kitchen table.

I’ve put together my picks for the perfect gifts for anyone who needs a cup of coffee to get going in the morning.  So that’s basically all us parents then!

If you want to make a small business owner do a happy dance this Christmas, and make a coffee-lover’s day with the perfect gift, here are my ideas for presents to buy.


A cute ‘coffee for life’ pin badge.

This little badge is the perfect way to wear your love of coffee on your sleeve.  Or your lapel.  Or bag.

It’s from Old English Co. on Etsy and is made from black enamel with gold plating.

They have over 100 different pin badge designs in their shop and they’re all really cute, but this one is at the top of my list and is perfect for coffee lovers.


A just-as-cute coffee for life sweatshirt.

This grey sweatshirt would be perfect for lazy Sunday mornings curled up with a huge mug of coffee.


A caffeine keyring for the science-loving coffee drinker.

This keyring is handmade by Naturally Bespoke and can be personalised, so no two pieces will be exactly the same.

I love the fact that you wouldn’t really know what the design was on this keyring if you’re not a science lover, so it’s a more subtle nod to a coffee addiction.


Another pin badge, to declare your caffeine-dependant status.

This black enamel pin has the words ‘caffeine reliance alliance’ on it in gold writing and is perfect for any member of the coffee drinking club.


A sweet treat that combines coffee and chocolate

I mean, is there a better double act than coffee and chocolate?

These Mocha dark chocolate truffles from Bake Me Sweet on Etsy look amazing.  The perfect sweet treat for any coffee lover.


A fun, and sweet, way to add a twist to a cup of coffee

For the coffee drinker who likes things sweet, these Irish cream flavour sugar spoons would make a great gift.

The spoons are about 10cm long and come in a pack of 5.  All you have to do is pop one in a hot cup of coffee and give it a stir as it melts to give a lovely kick of flavour to your drink.


A ‘first I drink coffee’ print to make them smile in the mornings.

This print from Tidy Prints is available in several different sizes so they can be subtle about their love of coffee or display it big and proud in their home!


A gorgeous rainbow watercolour heart mug for the first cup of coffee on a gloomy morning.

This is so bright and colourful it would make anyone smile as they drink their coffee.


A cute Happy Earth travel mug for coffee on the go.

For the coffee drinker who is always out and about a travel mug is a great gift idea, and the design on this one is just so cute.


A delicious coffee selection box.

If you want something that can be posted directly to their door, then this is a great option.

Each box comes with 4 different coffees for them to sample.


So there you have it, my picks for the perfect gifts for coffee lovers.

Which of these would you most like to unwrap on Christmas day?


If you want more inspiration then Etsy have got a few gift guides you can check out including one full of personalised gift ideas and one with gifts all under £30.


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