Nobody’s perfect, not even Mothers.

You may or may not know this about me, but I’m a pretty big Gilmore Girls fan.

As in, I have all the seasons on DVD, yet still tape it when it’s shown on tv to watch when Nerys is napping and I’m getting some work done.  It’s my comfort show, and lovely familiar background noise to work to.

The other day I was watching the episode where Lane finds out she’s pregnant, and panics, saying that she’s not ready to be a Mum.

That she’s not perfect yet.

And Rory comforts her by telling her that even Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t perfect, and that Mother’s certainly aren’t perfect.


I think as Mums we can all use this reminder now and then.

None of us are perfect.  And we shouldn’t keep wearing ourselves down by trying to be perfect.

If we put all our energy into being perfect, into doing all the ‘right’ things, all the things we ‘should’ do to be perfect parents and to raise perfect children then we will burn out.

We will miss out on all the gloriously imperfect parts of raising children.

Being a Mum isn’t about being perfect.  Not as far as I’m concerned anyway.  It’s about doing our best, sure, and trying to be the best parent we can for our children.

But it’s not about being perfect.

None of us are perfect.

We’re all just doing our best, learning as we go, adjusting our sails and trying to find our way.

And if we’re doing that with love?

With our children’s best interests at heart?

Then we’re doing just fine.


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