Mummy was there – a personal photo project #existinphotos

As a photographer, I like to set myself personal photography challenges each year.  In 2013 I did a project 365 and in 2014 I did a 10 on 10 project.  Looking back on the photos from those projects, I’m really pleased with the record they give me of those years.  The one thing I did notice though is that, as I’m generally the one taking the photos in our family, there were very few photos of me.

There is a photographer called Sue Bryce who speaks really passionately about the importance of making sure there are photos of yourself.  She even started the #existinphotos campaign, to encourage everyone to stop waiting until they are ‘perfect’ enough to have their photo taken and to just go ahead and do it.  The stresses the point that you are already perfect, especially to your family.  And they will want there to be photos of you for them to look back on.  The quote below is from her, and she can barely get the words out without crying, which speaks volumes about how important this idea really is.

So, for my personal photography project for 2015 I am taking family portraits every month.  I want to make sure that my husband and I are represented in the photos that I take this year.  I want my children to see that we were there with them.
And with Mothering Sunday coming up this month, I wanted to take the idea a step further.  So I’m taking myself out from the comfort zone of being behind the camera and taking a photo with my family every day in March.

I want my children to have photos of our interactions and our relationship to look back on.  I may care that I need a hair cut and that my greys are really coming through, but they won’t care at all about those things.  They’ll just care that I was there.

So here is the first set of photos from the first week of March.


Sunday 1st March 2015



Monday 2nd March 2015



Tuesday 3rd March 2015



Wednesday 4th March 2015



Thursday 5th March 2015



Friday 6th March 2015



Saturday 7th March 2015



Sunday 8th March 2015


Are you in enough photos with your children?  I challenge you to join me in this.  You don’t have to take a photo every day, but at some point this month, get in a picture with your family.  And post the results to my Facebook page – I’d love to see them!

Even if you don’t want to share your photos, please, just make sure you exist in photos for your family!

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