Living Arrows 2017 – 28/52

One of the things that I find absolutely fascinating as a parent is seeing how different my children can be.

I am really loving getting to know them as they get older, finding out what their interests are and what their personalities are like.

Nerys is a helpful child.  She likes to tidy up and seems to quite like having things in order.  Rhys has always liked order too, but in a different way.  He used to line his books up in a really straight line as a toddler, I think his brain is quite methodical, he is good at following step by step instructions for things like lego.

But Nerys just likes things to be tidied up once they’ve been used.  I remember one Christmas she seemed almost more concerned about putting the wrapping paper in the bin than playing with her new toys.

She likes helping me to clean in the house too, and she really loves helping daddy do the gardening.

She was out there again this weekend, with her little spotty gardening gloves on, helping to pull up weeds.




I have to stop and remind myself sometimes that she is only three, as so often she seems so much older.

On Saturday Steve was out all day, and she took it upon herself to do some gardening while I was hanging the washing out.

She went and got her gloves, then found one of the garden waste bags to put the weeds into before she started pulling them up.  She knew exactly what to do, I was quite impressed!

Here’s hoping she keeps being this helpful around the house as she gets older!


Living Arrows
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