How to give your toddler eye drops

How to give your toddler eye drops

Nerys woke up a few days ago with some lovely green gunk in the corner of her eye.  2 days of wiping it away, only for more to appear, and I took her to the Doctors.  One look from the Doctor and she confirmed it was a mild case of conjunctivitis and gave me a prescription for some eye drops.

These particular eye drops need to be applied 4 times a day.  To a 12 month old.  Should be fun, I thought!

So I have quickly come up with a fool proof strategy for getting the drops in her eyes.  It goes something like this:

How to give your toddler eye drops


1.  Sneak out into the kitchen, openly the fridge as quietly as possible so as to not attract attention to what’s coming and take out the drops.

2.  Casually come back into the room (I’m-not-doing-anything-humming optional) and approach your toddler.

3.  Attempt to open the bottle of drops.

4.  Run after your toddler who has bolted at the sight of the bottle.

5.  Shove the bottle in your pocket and try to convince them that you’re not up to anything.

6.  Attempt to distract them with Mr Tumble on the TV.

7.  While they’re distracted wrestle them to the ground.

8.  Pin flailing limbs to the floor with your legs and hands.

9.  Realise you now have no spare hands to administer the drops.

10.  Put the bottle between your teeth and attempt to squeeze the drops out like that.

11.  Fail miserably.

12.  Give up and wait until nap time when you can sneak in and administer the drops while they sleep!


Have you got any tips for the best way to administer eye drops to a reluctant child?

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