How to encourage your children to open up about school

How to encourage your kids to open up about school

Lots of parents find it quite the challenge to get their youngster to talk about their school day, and their education in general.

When asking them questions about it, they often answer with a single word and refuse to open up. If this sounds familiar, don’t panic; there are things you can do to encourage your child to share more with you. Here are some helpful tips from a preparatory school in London


Think about the types of questions you usually ask your child after school.

Are they the right type of questions that require more than a one word answer? If not, you’ll need to mix things up. Phrasing your questions differently may go a long way to pushing your child to give you more details.

However, don’t bombard them with these questions immediately after you have picked them up; they will probably want some time to unwind after a long school day.


Always show an interest in your child’s education and stay informed on what’s going on at the school.

The more you know about it, the easier it will be for you to start conversations with your child and engage with one another. You could read the newsletter and browse their website every now and again.

What’s more, you could even think about scheduling a meeting with your child’s teacher to talk about their progress and anything noteworthy that you should know about.


If and when your child does start to open up to you, make sure you don’t interrupt them.

Let them talk and share, without judgement, and only offer your advice and guidance when you’re sure they have finished.

Family meal times are a great time for you to all open up about each of your days.


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