Host a great Christmas party

How do you host a great Christmas party

Hosting a private party at home or for the company’s holiday party, in this case, for Christmas, is not an easy thing.

It normally involves a big venue and a special celebration involving a lot of people.  And, as a host, you want the party to be memorable and successful.

Planning is the key to a successful party. Whether you are hosting a Christmas party of your own or using a service from a professional event planner, it’s still a hassle. You need a guide and a few important tips to help you get started.

Planning can be simple, but when it comes to the actual organizing of this and that you will need a lot of help from your coworkers or friends and family members. Otherwise, you will work under pressure alone.  So if you do what the event specialists do, and get everyone involved in the process, things will be much easier to manage and the job will be done in time.

So, what does it take to host a Christmas party?   I’ve got some tips from the professionals at Engog UK to share with you today.


Set the perfect date

Why is finding the right date for the party so crucial? Because, Christmastime is one of the busiest times of the year, other than New Years, and everyone’s calendars quickly fill up with festive parties and events.

If you’re hosting a Christmas party for your company, you have to get everyone to come since they too have other places to go for Christmas. Whether you’re hosting your own party or the company’s, it’s best to send out a memo asking which dates are best. Then, you can pick a date from the majority. To get a good turnout at the party, make sure you send all your guests the “save the date” email or memo.


Estimate the budget

Budgeting is also is key to a great party. Christmas parties in particular will need lots of organizing, such as Christmas ornaments, a venue, food and drinks, entertainment and many more. So, the amount of budget you have will determine the things you will have for the party. When your budget is quite small, then you might need to reduce some supplies for the party. So, budgeting your Christmas party early on will help you determine the things you really need and those things you can do without.


The type of Christmas party you want to hold

Another important thing you need to do as a host for a great Christmas party is to decide on the type of Christmas party you’ll throw. This may include factors such as the number of guests coming,location, budget, etc. You might also have to consider if it’s best to have a daytime or nighttime Christmas party. In addition, you have to consider budgeting for the guests’ spouses and kids if they’ll be coming too. All sorts of other things might need to be considered too. So, for you as the host, you might want to ask other people to get involved and exchange ideas.


Music and Entertainment

When your Christmas party is in a bigger venue, your guests will assume there’s some music and entertainment in the party. It is a common thing to have some sort of entertainment in a big event like this. You may consider hiring a band or DJ or just using the venue’s sound system. And for entertainment, you can involve coworkers to participate if they’ve got talents that they want to showcase. Meanwhile, if you’re having a home-based Christmas party, turn up your holiday music CD player. As for entertainment, bring out some card games or other fun games to get everyone involved and enjoying themselves.


Search for a venue

If you decide on doing the party out of the office or not at your home, then finding a venue for a special Christmas party and booking it early on is also important.

You never know when someone else will book the best venue near you since a lot of people will be booking parties at this time of year.  Also keep in mind, once you’ve found the venue, that as it’s the busiest time of the year they might not give discounts. You can try to negotiate and ask what things you can get included in the price of hiring the venue.  You might find that they’ll be able to supply some Christmas decorations, furniture, equipment, and so on.  You never know if you don’t ask!


Theme your Christmas party

Having a theme for your Christmas party is important too. Because more than likely you’ll want it to look fancy, fun and pretty. Involve your team of planners in deciding what theme is best. Such as WinterWonderland, Christmas Cookies, The Masquerade Ball and many more. You can even think about asking your guests to dress up to suit the theme of the party.


Food considerations

If it’s a smaller party at your very own home, simple meals and snacks are generally the best option. When the party is bigger, you can consider hiring a caterer. They will have various menus available that are great for Christmas. Or else, you let them know the food you need by request. Of course, make sure the food and catering will fit into your overall budget


Provide drinks

Having a separate bar or minibar is also good since most guests will be up for drinking and partying at this time of year. Cocktails, wine and other booze can be a bit pricey. But, there’s an alternative. For a bigger party, you can set up a free welcoming drink, but guests would have to pay a small amount per drink, depending on what you’re serving, for seconds, thirds or more.



Once you’ve got all the details sorted out, make spend a bit of time on the invitations. Make up a list of guests that are invited and decide on the best way to reach out to them with an invitation.  Depending on whether you’re arranging an office party or a private one you might choose to contact everyone by email, text, phone or traditional paper/card invitations.


Now, with all those tips, do you think you have what it takes to host a great Christmas party?


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