have a holiday with a difference this year

How to have a holiday with a difference this year

So this year, you want to do things differently?

When you tend to find yourself heading to the same spot each summer, or you never really seem to enjoy the holidays that you go on, it’s time to shake things up. Maybe your summer holidays are often a disaster? The kids get bored, you complain, and the hubby just wants some peace and quiet… well, when that’s the case, you need something that’s going to work for you all. You need a stress-free holiday that you can all enjoy.

This means something that keeps the kids entertained and allows you and your husband to relax a little. But what will that be? Well, let’s take a look at five options that could work out perfectly for you.

how to have a holiday with a difference

  1. Hit The Road

If a holiday to you means hopping on a plane, we’re going to strip it all back. Because you really don’t have to go up in the air in order to have the holiday of a lifetime. Sometimes, you just need to pack up the car and hit the road. Maybe road tripping it to north Wales, Scotland, or even over to France is going to be great. Right away you might worry about being in the car for so long, but let it go. Pack some lunch, think of some games, and make sure you plan a route where you can stop at various points along the way.


  1. Sail The Seas

From the road to the sea, you might want want to think about cruising around in a catamaran. If you love the water and your kids want adventure, then choosing to do a yacht charter in Croatia could be the perfect compromise. You get to see a range of different location, enjoy life at sea, and still relax. What more could work out for you all?


  1. Cruise It

Well, maybe a cruise? Cruises often get a bad rep. It’s easy to think that you won’t want to go on a cruise until you’re retired, but they can be a great way to enjoy a trip around somewhere like the Caribbean. You get to relax and be entertained on deck, then explore a range of different locations during the day. And that’s definitely the best of both worlds for sure.


  1. Staycation In Style

We’ve already talked about hitting the road, but you don’t have to head far to enjoy a holiday at home. There are so many incredible staycation destinations in the UK, that your holiday could be simple and sophisticated right here on British soil. Just shake off those preconceptions of how cold or miserable it will be, because our beautiful country is more than just fish and chips at the seaside and coastal camps.


  1. Save It For Later

Or maybe you just want to wait awhile? If that’s the case, don’t sweat it. Because heading on a winter holiday to a ski resort could work instead. And, of course, you don’t want to do that during the summer. So maybe enjoy that staycation for a weekend, or head to see family and then book your winter break instead.


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