Fun at the beach with Hape toys

Fun at the beach with Hape toys

We’re lucky enough to live close enough to the beach that we spend quite a bit of time there.

Most of the time when we pop down we just take ourselves.  Maybe a towel if the children will be going in the sea.

Sometimes though, if we’re planning on being at the beach for a bit longer, we will take a few bits like a bucket and spade with us.  And now, thanks to Hape, we have some really fab new beach toys to play with when we spend time there.


We were sent a few different toys from Hape to review and the children were so excited to take them with us on a recent trip to the beach.


The toy they were both desperate to test drive was the Hape dune buggy.

This little push-around car is really solidly built and we all love the way it moves about.  It has low-profile tyres which move independently.  You push the car along by holding on to the handle, and it turns really smoothly when you gently push down on the tilting top.


The dune buggy is for children aged 18 months and over and I think it would be a great toddler toy to use at the beach and even at home on the living room floor.  It’s such a simple, classic toy though that my son at 8 years old still really enjoys playing with it.

You can use your imagination to have so much fun with this toy, building slopes and digging holes in the sand for the buggy to negotiate.


The next toy we tested out was the Hape power paw.

This is just so much fun and something I can see us getting a load of use out of over the summer.  It’s basically a plastic claw that you can use for digging in the sand.

There’s a handle inside to hold on to, then you just use it as an extension of your hand to dig.


I wasn’t sure how efficient the power paw would be at first, but honestly it is so good!

Rhys had a great time digging in the sand with it and we were all impressed with how quickly he dug a decent sized hole.  The paw feels really nice and sturdy and like it will last a long time and stand up to being treated not-so-gently.


The last beach toy we’ve been trying out is the Hape rain shovel.

Like the dune buggy and power paw, the rain shovel is perfect for children of all ages from 18 months up.

It’s a really sturdy spade that fits nicely in your hand.  It’s a great size for popping in your bag when you head to the beach, but it’s so strong and well made that it’s really efficient for digging.


What makes this shovel special though is the fact that the handle is hollow and there are holes in the end, so you can pour water through it.

Nerys had so much fun with this, scooping up water from the sea and pretending she was in the shower as the water sprinkled out.


All three of the Hape toys we were sent are great fun, and lovely quality.

They all feel so solid and sturdy and will be perfect to keep in the car boot, ready to grab any time we pop down to the beach.


Which one do you think your child would enjoy the most?


Disclaimer: we were sent these beach toys for the purpose of this review but all words and opinions are my own.

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