Glorious imperfections: Or how to take tips from our kids

Kids are carefree. They play like there’s no tomorrow. They don’t care if people judge them because they don’t even know what judgement is.

They are content to be in their own little world without stress, releasing them from the chains of inferiority or feeling like they’re not good enough.

Glorious imperfections how to take tips from our kids

When kids get up every morning, they put on their hand-me-down clothes, last season’s coat, and mismatched shoes, and storm out the door without looking back. They don’t know that stripes don’t match polka dots or that you don’t wear your socks on the outside of your pants.

But here’s the truth: they’re right. None of that matters if you feel good on the inside.

Kids do what makes them feel good, and that’s why they’re so cute. They are compassionate and fun-loving. They don’t make a fuss about navigating social situations with grace or tact.

While we spend every hour worrying about being a great parent or what others think of us, we should be thinking about being kind and doing what makes others feel good. We know we should have eaten fruit instead of cookies, but we need to forget about the weight loss.

Forget about fashion, forget about diet, and forget what your co-worker said about you when she was frustrated for a second. Think about why your kids love you. It’s not because you have cool shoes or the most gorgeous hair or the thinnest body.

Chances are, that’s not why anyone loves you. And if it is, they shouldn’t be your friend. These are things we learned in primary school, but they often don’t sink in, even as adults. We know better.

So try spending more time treating others with kindness. That includes yourself. Wake up in the morning and be grateful for all the little things that make your life so amazing. And let the other little things go. So what if you wear your socks on the outside of your trousers for a day?

Love yourself and then love others.

Be confident in the skin you’re in. Bonds will take care of the comfort on the outside if you focus on a healthier mind and spirit.

Life is full of glorious imperfections, but we’re all in this together.

Be as carefree as your kids and cherish the love in the world.

Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post

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