Getting back to yourself as a parent

Getting back to yourself as a parent

Family life is a mass of contradictions, it’s rewarding, exhausting, frustrating and worrying in equal measure. It’s all also all-consuming. So much so that very often it’s easy to forget who you were before you had a partner and children.

If you’re happy with your identity as a parent then that’s great but for many of us, there is a sense that our old selves could do with being rediscovered, that those past hobbies and interests that have been lying dormant should re-emerge and find their way out from under the piles of dirty laundry, homework books and packed lunches.

In this article we look at a few ways of finding yourself again as you begin to see your way out of the tunnel that is parenting very young children.

Getting back to yourself as a parent


You used to have hobbies

Even ones outside of the house. Perhaps you were a real outdoors person and loved exploring the trails and surrounding countryside hiking or biking. Maybe you used to run and compete in races or love going off road.

You might have painted, sketched, knitted, played an instrument or danced when you had the time and the space as your younger self. Sure, these skills might be a little rusty but nothing a little bit of practice or some advice from a YouTube video can’t fix.

Could you find some time, carve out an hour or two to revisit some of those old interests you used to have and bring them back into the routine of your daily life? After all your children have their after school clubs and your partner finds time, so why shouldn’t you?


You love study

There was a time when studying and completing assignments was very much a big part of your life. You may have finished up that university course but that love of learning never really leaves you, so maybe it’s time to look at how some serious study might enhance your career and change your life.

There are plenty of options to do just that from courses at your local college in the evenings if you work or in the day when the children are at school. You might instead opt for an online course that you can follow in your own time, like the ones offered at Aston Online. These qualifications are, very often, equally as valid as traditional universities and will give you the professional qualifications you need to take your career one step further or change it altogether.


You have ambition

If you work maybe you find your job a fulfilling and enjoyable part of your life. However, if you’re finding it becoming ever more of a drag and that it fails to fulfil you, then it’s time to rethink your career. You have ambition and you want to do a job that you find challenging and rewarding.

If your boss can’t make some changes to your role or offer you a one-off project to work on then maybe it’s time to polish up that CV and get back out there in the job market. If you haven’t done this for a while then, yes, it’s daunting but practice makes perfect. With some dogged determination, you’ll secure an interview and with any luck a job in no time at all.

It might seem like an overwhelming prospect so do talk to a recruitment adviser if you need some help in where to focus your job intentions. They may be able to point you towards some companies where you can send your CV to on spec, you never know who might end up calling you for an interview.


Is changing your life difficult? Yes, in part. There are some small things you can do to help you find your sense of self again, some minor changes you can make to help you remember who you once were. There are also some large scale, game changers that will turn things around 180 degrees.

So whether you just want to get a bit more active, take up an old hobby, get back to education or shake up your career, plan today to do something amazing for yourself. When you spend so much time caring for others it’s easy to get lost. Invest in your health, in your hobbies and in your career and it will be an investment that will pay you back over and over again. You’re well worth spending the time and money on so put yourself at the forefront for a happier, more fulfilled you.

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