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A fun morning with Smiggle #backtosmiggle

Have you heard of Smiggle?

Chances are that if you have a school-age child you will have, and if you haven’t then where have you been?!  Smiggle is pretty big with the kids these days!

I first heard of the company when they opened up their first few stores in the UK, back in 2014, because straight away it became ‘the’ shop to get supplies from at my neice’s school.  So I was really excited when I got an invitation to a blogger event at their Cardiff store a few weeks ago.

Straight away I said I’d love to go, and so that was how I ended up on a rather early train into Cardiff the other week, excited to meet some fellow Welsh bloggers and to check out the new season stock at Smiggle!


The event was to promote their #backtosmiggle campaign, and it was fab to see all the new stock that had arrived in store.

If you’ve never been to a Smiggle store then you’re in for a treat when you do go.  It’s such a bright, colourful place with everything your child could want for school – backpacks, lunchboxes, pencil cases and accessories galore!


I honestly felt like a big kid when I wandered round the shop.

There were so many things I would’ve loved to have when I was at school, because they were so much more fun and unique than the boring, standard stationary things you used to get!


I had such a great morning at the event, and was so happy that I had the chance to chat to some other bloggers that I’ve spoken to online before but never met in person, like Kate from The Hippy Christian Mum and Heledd from YummyBlogger.

And then there was the real treat of getting a goody bag to take home with me, which made Rhys very happy!  Especially because it had a brand new Spikey in it.

This is really quite exciting as it’s a series 2 Spikey, which isn’t actually available to buy yet!  The first series was such a success that they’ve launched series 2, with 12 new characters to collect, including a mystery Spikey that nobody at all has seen.

Apparently the first series was so popular in Australia that one girl flew to another city to get her hands on the last one she needed to complete her collection!


Rhys and Nerys were so excited to open their Spikeys.

They’ve seen enough videos of people opening blind bags to know what it’s all about, and Rhys had a good look at the box before opening his and decided he really hoped he got Dennis.

And guess who he pulled out of the box once he’d opened it?

Dennis Spikey Smiggle

Dennis!  How lucky is that!

And Nerys was very happy with her Spikey too, spending the day showing everyone her ninja.

I was really quite impressed with the quality of them, and the size too, they’re much bigger than I thought they would be.

The only problem is that Rhys has seen the poster with all the Spikeys on and now wants to collect them all!  What I think is great though is that the stores all have swap stations, so if you do buy several and find that you have duplicates then you can swap one of them for another to keep your collection growing.


I had an amazing experience all round with Smiggle and their #backtosmiggle campaign, and will definitely be popping back into the store next time I’m in Cardiff!

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