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Encouraging a positive outlook in your children

Throughout April I’ve been working on establishing a more positive outlook; acknowledging how green my grass really is!  I’ve been posting on Facebook and Twitter quite regularly with something that is good in my life, something that made me smile that day or something that I’m grateful for in my life.

It’s a habit I want to keep up because I know that if I’m not careful I find myself complaining about things that are ‘wrong’ rather than enjoying all the hundreds and thousands of things that are ‘right’ in my life.  I really want to cultivate a positive outlook and grateful attitude in myself and in my children.

These are my ideas of things we can do to help encourage a positive outlook in our children, so they grow up seeing the best of things in the world and being grateful for the all the wonderful things in their lives:

Encouraging a positive outlook in your children

1) When you notice something good, point it out to your children!  
Show them the beautiful flowers that are springing up everywhere, the colourful rainbow in the sky on a rainy day and all the other glorious things that mother nature has to offer.2) Get them involved in making/writing thank you cards.  
This is something we’re already doing.  My siblings and I were always expected to write thank you letters as children and I’m working at passing that habit on to my children.  I think it’s lovely, when someone takes the time to pick out and send a present to you, to make the effort to send them a nice thank you note back.  Sitting down with the children and helping them make, write or scribble on a thank you note will helpfully start to encourage them to be grateful for the presents they’re given and also to express that gratitude.

3) At bedtime ask them to tell you about the best thing about their day.
This is something that I’m not actually doing yet, but I think it would be a lovely habit to start, especially now Rhys is getting older and spending more time at school, away from us.  Helping him to focus on and talk about the best parts of his day will hopefully help him go to sleep happy and nurture a positive outlook on life in general!

What do you think?  Do you have a naturally positive outlook on life or is it something you have to work on?  I’d love to hear any more tips you might have on how to encourage our children to have a positive outlook.

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