Elephant escapades and turtle trips: Animal holidays you will love

We are so lucky to live in a world full of fascinating creatures on land and sea. Where you live you might not be able to see these animals up close and personal unless you’re watching a film or television documentary. How wonderful would it be to take a trip and experience nature’s most magnificent creatures? Create holiday moments to last forever and see animals like you have never seen before.

We are not talking about enclosed or captive animals here; this will be the ultimate true to life trip of a lifetime.

Safari Sensations

Destinations such as Africa, Australia and New Zealand are home to some of the most intriguing wild animals in the world. If you’re looking into wildlife holidays then you won’t be disappointed. Discover these extraordinary creatures in a safari journey, or simply in the local National Parks. Capture images on your camera which will last forever and take in these majestic animals on the holiday of a lifetime. Whilst in Africa you could have the chance to interact with lion cubs by feeding and taking care of their living areas. In Johannesburg there are ongoing projects to protect these animals in the park and you will have the opportunity to give hands on help to them.

elephant escapes and turtle trips


Saving and Swimming

Mexico is home to hundreds of baby sea turtles who hatch out of their eggs on the beach and try to find their way into the sea. Due to the modern world, these turtles are now in danger of getting lost or even killed on their way to their new home. There are now special programs where you can assist these babies in getting to the destination. Help protect these tiny turtles as they venture out towards the sea.

If you’re looking to get super close to a whole pod of elegant creatures then head to the beautiful Bahamas. In the warm waters you will be able to don a light snorkel and swim alongside the dolphins. You will get special instructions from the local guides and you might even learn some of the dolphin’s names as they become so familiar to the locals.

elephant escapes and turtle trips dolphins


Jungle Joy

Trek through the jungle in Thailand and go and meet your new friend, the elephant. Learn about their day to day care in the sanctuary and enjoy the hike along the way where you will see all sorts of local animals from monkeys to birds. As one of the most intelligent creatures in the world, it is a true honor to be able to get so close to them.

Whether elephants excite you or you are dazzled by dolphins, you will find the wildlife adventure for you. We are so fortunate to have these opportunities at our fingertips and the ability to explore these creatures without disrupting their everyday life. Our dwindling endangered species means it is becoming more and more difficult to conserve them and allow them to live on. Lend a helping hand and play a part in their upkeep. Discover their natural beauty and you will never look back.


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