Eating alfresco — how to get your garden ready

One home trend that is becoming less of a fad and more of a way of life is outdoor living.

People are investing more money into their gardens and are, naturally, wanting to spend more time enjoying it.

Research has shown that 39% of people in Britain have changed the way that they use their gardens in recent years. For example, 35% of those asked said that they had changed their garden into a relaxation area and 11% had made changes in order to create extra living space.

So, what garden trends are current and how can you make your back yard a pleasant place to wind down?

eating alfresco how get garden ready

Which furniture to buy?

Investing in the right outdoor furniture can really transform your garden. Sales of garden furniture, barbecues and accessories are expected to grow by 3-4% annually up to 2021 — what are you waiting for?

As we’re spending more time in the garden, it means that it must be suitable for us to eat out there too. No more sitting on plastic chairs with paper plates, get with the times and make your garden suitable for dining alfresco. Why not create a sunken fire pit in your garden, surrounded by some cosy seats? With a comforting source of heat in your back garden, it’s likely that you’ll find yourself outdoors more than you would have thought. Or, if you have the space, invest in a durable table and chair set.

The number of barbecues that we have as a nation is rising year-on-year. In fact, between 2006 and 2016, the average number of barbecues held per family each summer rose from 2.5 to 10 — demonstrating our growing love for outdoor dining. Of course, you can go as premium or as basic as you like here, depending on the size and features that you’re after. More people are making purchases of verandas now too, allowing them to spend time outdoors despite what the weather is doing!

We need to be making the most of the space that we have. Although, space efficiency is important, as gardens aren’t as large as they used to be. One way to be space efficient is with a shed. The Posh Shed Company saw a massive 300% increase in sales of its Chelsea shed in 2017. This type of shed is all about space-saving and has features such as built-in shelving on the outside so that internal space isn’t compromised. You can store your outdoor furniture in here when you’re not entertaining and keep everything nice and tidy.


Which plants to buy?

Garden plants are a great way to make a garden look more aesthetically pleasing. What better way to brighten up your green space?

One type of plant that is easy to maintain and suitable for brightening borders is the shrub. You can use shrubbery to line the pathways of your garden and the lawn edge, filling in a space that might’ve been left bare. Choose shrubs that look nice in every season so that your garden looks its best all year round. When planting shrubs, remember to plant them at least half the width of the shrub apart from other shrubs and boundaries as they can grow outwards.

Why not start growing your own produce? This is set to be a big trend in 2018 due to rising food prices and a new love for organic food. When cooking for your guests, you can head to the bottom of the garden to gather some fresh herbs and vegetables to go with their meal.


A combination of the right furniture and plants can get your garden ready for outdoor living in no time. Spending more time in the garden is guaranteed to lift your mood and stop you getting cabin fever, especially in those colder months.


Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post


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