Don’t ask what the world needs

Rhys has chatted to me quite a lot over the last few months about what he’d like to do when he’s older.

A while ago he decided he’d like to be a car mechanic which I thought was pretty good. I mean, he’s always been good with puzzles and he likes putting things together so I think he’d make a good mechanic!

But last week he seemed to have changed his mind.

He told me he wasn’t going to marry anyone (who he’ll marry has also been a big topic of discussion!) and that he’s going to be a helper tidy-upper.

No idea where that came from but if it means he’ll help me tidy up round the house more to get some practice in then that’s brilliant!

It’s all got me thinking though, about my hopes and dreams for him for the future.

And honestly, I just want him to find something that he loves to do. Something that lights him up and makes him come alive.

So this week, I’m sharing this quote for my children:

Don’t ask what the world needs


It’s taken me a long time to explore my interests and my passions, but I think I’ve found the things that make me come alive in my writing and my photography.

I hope my children take their time too, to find what it is that lights them up.

But I hope they get there a little faster than I did!

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