The difference between a care home and a nursing home

What is the difference between a care home and a nursing home?

Considering that the terms are used interchangeably, it’s easy to see why people easily get confused when asked to choose between a nursing home and a care home. 

While the two types of facilities are meant to offer care and support to those who need it, you need to understand that they aren’t the same. 


So, how do you go about choosing an ideal option

Both care homes and nursing home offers 24/7 care, including preparing meals and serving them to the residents. Moreover, the residents are also provided with any additional support they may need, e.g., with shaving or bathing. 


Care homes explained 

A care home is a facility that has round the clock care and whose personnel comprise of several qualified care assistants. The facility has to be managed by a professional in possession of a Registered Manager’s Award.

In many cases, the manager must have extensive experience in offering care. Some of the managers are professionals who have worked their way up after having started as healthcare staff. 

Care homes are expected to maintain detailed records of each resident and ensure they stick to a personalised care plan. The personnel at the care homes can assist the residents in performing personal grooming needs like:

  • Assisting them to wash and get dressed
  • Offering help with physical or social activities
  • Assisting them to go to the bathroom

Where necessary, a district nurse can be called to come and administer certain medication and treat residents with complex wounds. You can click here for care homes closest to you. 


Nursing homes explained 

A nursing home offers the same support provided by a care home, with the only distinction being that they have on-site nurses at all times. 

Residents in nursing homes will have an underlying medical condition that calls for them to receive continued attention from doctors or nurses. 

It can be the best place for a person who suffers from a complicated medical condition. The on-site nurses are trained on recognising changes in patients and identifying the symptoms associated with various diseases. 

Therefore, the nurses are in a better position to determine whether it’s necessary to have a doctor look at the resident or not. 

Given that nursing homes are intended for residents who have medical needs, the homes will have a variety of equipment to assist residents with mobility issues and specialist beds. 

Many nursing homes have recruited experts in many areas such as dementia care to ensure the residents have the best quality of life and are comfortable even in old age. 


Care home or nursing home: Which is the best? 

It’s impossible to draw a line on which facility is better than the other unless the individual in question suffers from a clear medical need that requires care from a qualified nurse. 

For example, a person who has dementia may not need to live in a nursing home, but they’ll struggle to live alone. 

In short, deciding where to take a loved one should be done based on their current physical and mental state.


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