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Thoughtful gifts from Cancer Care Parcel

When someone you love is diagnosed with cancer it can be so hard to know what to say and what to do.

Quite often our natural instinct is to buy them something, a present of some kind to show that you care and that you’re thinking of them.  But it can be really tricky to know what exactly to send.

This was exactly the issue that Dr Shara Cohen set out to tackle when she set up Cancer Care Parcels.

Thoughtful gifts from Cancer Care Parcel

Dr Cohen was diagnosed with cancer back in 2013, and having gone through treatment herself she understands some of the needs of cancer patients.

She created cancer care parcels both as a way for those living with cancer to bring a bit of calm back into their lives, and also as a way for friends and relatives to buy gifts for loved ones going through treatment when they might otherwise have no idea what to get.

There are various hampers available on from Cancer Care Parcels, so no matter who you’re buying for, or what stage of treatment they’re at, you’ll be able to find something suitable.

I was very kindly sent the little monkey mighty big hamper, for childhood cancer patients, to review.

This huge box is jam packed with lovely gifts for children to give them a bit of a boost while they go through treatment.


The hamper includes:

  • A snugly soft blanket.  Perfect for wrapping up in during treatment when little hands and feet can get cold.  It’s also perfect for creating a cosy spot to rest in either in hospital or at home.
  • A fun monkey pillow.  This is really great for adding a bit of comfort to a hospital bed or a sofa at home, and is also a fun little friend to play with!

cancer care parcel thrown and cushion


  • A handwarmer.  With its cute little fox design, this reusable handwarmer is great for using during treatment to warm up little hands.
  • Soft and snugly gloves.  If they really feel the cold then these lovely soft gloves will be a real treat for them to slip on.

cancer care parcel hand warmer


  • A fun monkey backpack.  For carrying all their things to appointments and for hospital stays, this backpack is a great size for keeping everything together.
  • A monkey water bottle.  Children don’t always want to drink as much water as they should, but this monkey water bottle makes the process much more fun!  And what’s really great about it is that is collapses down when it’s empty so it’s really easy to slip in a bag.
  • A woven cool bag.  Perfect for taking small meals and snacks along to appointments, or for keeping things fresh and cool by their bedside.

cancer care parcel monkey set


  • Card game.  Perfect for slipping into a bag to keep children entertained in waiting rooms and while stuck in bed.
  • A bouncy ball.  For when they’re feeling a bit more energetic and want something to chase around.
  • Picture rub art.  A lovely quiet craft activity to keep them occupied when resting at home or in hospital.

cancer care parcel fun and games


  • A notebook and coloured pencils.  For doodling, drawing, and writing down their thoughts and feelings.


cancer care parcel notebook coloured pencils


  • A powerbank.  For charging various electronic devices, perfect for hospital stays or for keeping them entertained at home.
  • Gold earphones.  Whether they like listening to music or watching random videos on YouTube, with these they can do what they like without disturbing other people in waiting rooms.

cancer care parcel earphones power bank


  • Sea bands.  Cancer treatment can often leave people feeling sick, and these acupressure wristbands are brilliant at relieving nausea.  They’re also useful for travel sickness if you have to go any distance in the car to get to appointments.
  • Vaseline.  For soothing dry lips.

cancer care parcel seabands vaseline

The hamper also contains:

  • A battery operated bedside light.  This is so pretty and soothing, as it’s a clear bottle shaped lamp with star-shaped lights inside.  There are batteries included in the hamper too, so there’s no need to worry about that.
  • Catch-able bubbles.  For a bit of fun, these bubbles don’t pop, and instead stay on your hands and clothes.  They’re a great way of distracting young children.
  • Glow stick.  Another little item that’s just for fun, to lighten up a stay in hospital or for playing with under blankets at home.
  • Peppermint teabags.  Great for easing feelings of nausea during treatment, and also soothing for parents and carers.
  • Tissues and wipes.
  • Wind up mini fan.  On hot days and on stuffy hospital wards this little fan is great for cooling down.  It’s powered by a handle on the side, and is surprisingly effective!
  • USB light.  Plugs straight into the USB port of any device, or can be plugged into the power bank from the hamper.  Perfect for a spot of reading in bed.


This hamper really is packed with things to bring a bit of comfort and joy to a child going through cancer treatment. 

It costs £119.99, while the contents all together are worth £139.38.

I really do think it would be appreciated by any child living with cancer, as there are so many lovely and useful items included.  The mix of practical and fun pieces is just right, and everything included is really lovely quality too.

All the hampers by Cancer Care Parcel have been so well thought out, they really do take some of the worry out of knowing what to send to bring a bit of comfort to loved ones after a cancer diagnosis.


Disclaimer: I was sent the hamper for the purposes of this review but all words and opinions are my own.

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