Buying vs adopting a family dog

Buying vs adopting a family dog: What is the best option?

Adopting a pup can be a great deed, and literally, saving a dog’s life. But adopted dogs have often gone through tough times and it takes a certain kind of owner and family to take care of them.

A lot of people still think that the difference between adopted dogs and regular dogs is minimal, but you can’t raise an adopted dog the same way you would any other dog. And you can’t expect them to behave the same way either.

Here are a few tips that will allow you to know whether buying or adopting a dog would be better for you.

Cases when adopting a dog may be a good choice

Adopting a dog is a good choice if you don’t mind taking in an older dog and if you’re already familiar with dogs. 

Another thing is that you don’t want to put them through the stresses of adoption all over again because you or your family couldn’t take care of them. So, before you adopt a dog, you have to be ready for some of the potential challenges that come with dog adoption.


Mistakes to avoid when adopting a dog

A lot of people make the mistake of overwhelming the dog at first with too many activities. You have to leave them time to settle and adapt to their new situation. Give them the time to adapt to you and the rest of the family first before you take them out. Don’t start taking them to the store with you or to family functions. You can’t overwhelm them with too many new faces, and they might react fearfully or aggressively to excessive contact with strangers.

Some people also don’t take enough time to bond with their dog. They may expect their new dog to instantly connect with them, but it’s much more complicated than that. Chances are the dog has had to go through many owners or might have been traumatized from living in a shelter. They might be withdrawn at first or have strange behavioural patterns. This is why you should consider taking the time to bond with the dog, even if it means taking a little bit of time off work.

You have to make sure that your first month is spent observing the dog and giving them the love and attention they need. This is the only way that you and your family will be able to form a bond with them.


When buying is the best option

Buying a dog is a better option if it’s your first time around and want to know exactly what you’re getting as far as breed and history goes. You’ll be able to talk with a breeder, see what type of conditions the dog was bred in, and even look at the parents. You’ll have a complete and accurate health rundown of the dog and what you can expect.

You’ll also have the chance to raise them from the time they’re puppies. This will not only allow you and your kids to ease into dog ownership, but you’ll build a much stronger bond with the pet as well.


What you should look out for when buying a pet

One of the first things you’ll have to assess is if you’re actually ready to own a pet and actually have the finances. First of all, you could expect to pay in the thousands for a dog if you get it from a breeder. This is why it’s important that you check breeders thoroughly to make sure that you get what you paid for. If you are buying a puppy? Here’s what you should look out for.  This informative blog post from cat and dog insurance provider Everypaw informs you of things to consider when buying a puppy.  

Another thing you’ll have to consider is healthcare costs and insurance. Know that certain breeds will cost significantly more to insure than other types of dogs, so make sure that you include that as part of your research. You also have to buy the right type of coverage depending on the breed. Some policies are better for dogs that are known for developing certain chronic conditions. This is where Everypaw can help you out.

Also, make sure that the breed that you pick is compatible with your family. Some dogs that you may think are perfect for a family may not actually be, so make sure that you do your research on any breed and don’t go by assumptions or even opinions from other people you know.

For some people, adopting a dog could be a great option.

This could give you the opportunity to give back and give a pup a second chance. But this isn’t for everyone. Make sure that you weigh both options and see which one would be the best depending on your situation.


Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post

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